Artflow NFT: We Are NOT Just Another Series Of Similar Avatars

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Artflow NFT does not resemble repetitive NFT art projects that try to sell one template picture programmed with a set of attachable features. They stand out from the rest because they create NFT collections of high-quality digital animations, with images sourced and approved from well-known street artists. Many of those images can be seen on buildings and walls around the world. These edgy and uber cool animations are also showcased as part of a large-scale digital experience, currently showing in Los Angeles, with a number of other physical venues around the world in the pipeline.


Artflow NFT’s STREET ART ALIVE NFT collection is inspired by the creative works of street artists from around the world. The list of artists includes well-known D*Face recognised for his British Urban contemporary art and large-scale murals. ELLE from NYC whose work is evocative, alluring, lavish, outrageous, purposeful, and informative and she is considered to be one of the top touring artists of the world. Dscreet is known for his captivating signature owl character that is displayed across many streets and alleys of East London, and beyond. Tom Gerrard focuses on suburban life and the everyday man. There are many other artists, with more to come, including Malarko & Alex Senna

Each NFT is based on a real-life piece of street art, that can be (or could have been, if it has since been painted over) found on a wall or building around the world, and have been turned into edgy and cool animations that are begging to be displayed on a screen at someone’s home or office. Each artwork has an interesting story behind it, so does each of the street artists, particularly as many started off working under the cover of darkness, as their craft was often breaking a few rules!

Interestingly, these street artists are part of a large-scale digital immersive experience created by Grande Experiences, and recently launched at THE LUME Los Angeles, called STREET ART ALIVE.  This experience is a multi-sensory journey featuring work of over 200 street artists, taking visitors on a journey through the laneways and streets of more than 20 cities synonymous with Street Art, including New York, London, São Paulo, Melbourne & Berlin. Many of the animated artworks are featured in the experience, fundamentally allowing NFT buyers to own a slice of the STREET ART ALIVE show.

From the creators of transformative journeys of discovery

Artflow NFT is owned by Grande Experiences, the creators and producers of touring and permanent multisensory art and cultural experiences that have been visited by millions of people around the globe for the last 15 years. So Artflow NFT is planning to be in the Web 3.0 space for the long term.

Grande Experiences pioneered the move from artefact-based exhibitions, through multimedia exhibitions, to fully integrated multisensory immersive experiences, large and small, where the art of storytelling bursts into life, engaging all the senses simultaneously, immersing the visitors in an ocean of moving images, music, light, sound and even smell.

Feeling confident about the future

The first drop of Artflow NFT’s STREET ART ALIVE NFT collection was minted on Manifold’s Ethereum ERC-721 smart contract, used by many famous artists including Jay-Z, Fvckrender and Refik Anadol. Collectors can be assured that their NFTs are 100% authentic, compatible with ERC-721 platforms, and operable on all open NFT marketplaces. 

The future plans for Artflow NFT include introducing more real-world utility such as access to exhibitions associated with Grande Experiences, and providing access to street artists. 


Do not miss out on the next drop by Artflow NFT. For further information check out the website and the socials.




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