Argentine Football Association Fan Token (ARG) Surges Past $6.5 Amid Crypto Market Carnage

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The crypto markets color deep red once again during a weekend, which won’t surprise anyone. However, the fan tokens are doing quite well in the World Cup 2022 final buildup. Especially the Argentine Football Association Fan Token (ARG) notes momentum as many expect Argentina to win the tournament. 

Argentine Football Association Fan Token Surges

Most people remain unaware Chiliz helped create fan tokens representing national football teams. The club tokens are well-known and note decent performance, especially when traditional crypto assets are bearish. This weekend is no different on that front, with many fan tokens gaining value and crypto markets collapsing again. As such, fan tokens can be a healthy way to diversify one’s portfolio, although they remain pretty volatile. 

That hasn’t held people from investing heavily into these assets, though. More specifically, there is a keen interest in the Argentine Football Association Fan Token (ARG). It is a relatively new asset and one that has noted tremendous momentum. More importantly, its trading volume is over $14 million, which is rather unusual for national team fan tokens. Global interest in ARG surges as the FIFA World Cup 2022 final draws near.

Although it remains uncertain if Argentina can beat France to take home the cup, expectations are high. That fuels the Argentine Football Association Fan Token and its current price surge. Although it hit $7.46 in the past 24 hours, that price has come down to roughly $6 early this morning. Like other cryptocurrencies, fan tokens will see wild value swings. ARG has gone from $7.5 to $5.5 and now hovers near $6.5, creating ample money-making opportunities. 

Unlike crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum, the Argentine Football Association Fan Token gained over 140% in value this week. The national team trumped Croatia in the semi-finals, sparking tremendous hope and momentum. Even so, it remains uncertain if the team can finish the job on Sunday afternoon. DigiFinex, Paribu, OKX, and Huobi Global are the main platforms for those looking to trade ARG. The token also trades on ChilizX and MEXC, though. 

Other Fan Tokens Surge Too

It is remarkable to see how various team-oriented fan tokens have noted solid momentum this week. Although none come near the performance of ARG, things don’t look half bad either. Tokens regarding Valencia FC, Napoli, Paris Saint-Germain and Arsenal have all performed rather well. Although there are no regular league games during the World Cup, the transfer window is in effect. That may, in turn, spark fan token momentum.

However, these tokens are not affordable. The most expensive one is $6.74, whereas most can be had for $3 or less. The Brazil National Football Team Fan Token – and Portugal’s – lost over 40% in value this week due to their teams being eliminated. Should Argentina win, the value of the Argentine Football Association Fan Token may surge well past $10 in the following hours after the final whistle. That doesn’t mean it will maintain that value for long, though. 

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