Are physical collectibles better than NFTs?

CryptoMode NFTs vs Physical Collectibles

Collectibles have been a popular way to pass the time and make money for centuries. There’s something special about owning a unique piece of art or memorabilia. But what if you could do it digitally? NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are digital assets that represent ownership over unique pieces of artwork or other collectible items.

This is the world of physical collectibles, where the collector holds the actual item.

With physical collectibles, you hold the item in your hands. You can see, feel, and even smell it if you want to. These tangible objects come with their own unique features: their signature scent and damage marks. 

That is not possible with NFTs because they are digital assets and, therefore, cannot be held by a collector directly. The owner may only sell them for fiat money or cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) or Ether (ETH).

You can touch them, see them, feel them.

Physical collectibles are more tangible than NFTs and can be admired in person. Physical collectibles are great for people who like to touch, see, and feel what they buy. You can’t really do that with an NFT. That also creates tremendous skepticism toward non-fungible tokens.

NFTs are digital assets representing ownership over a piece of artwork or other collectible items.

They can be used for anything from art to toys, and even digital items like video games and unique avatars.

NFTs don’t have to be physical; they can also be virtual (like crypto-collectibles). The only limit is your imagination!

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NFTs have surged as more artists get into the game.

NFTs allow for a new way to make money and for artists to build their brand.

These tokens are still pretty new—there’s no doubt about that. But we’re seeing some exciting developments in the art world.

For example, NFTs can be used to create derivative works, which opens up opportunities for people who want to own limited-edition pieces with all sorts of customization options.

It’s also encouraged copycats

One of the reasons why physical collectibles are still popular is that people love to collect them. When somebody buys a physical copy, they have something original and unique. This feeling of exclusivity has always been one of the most important factors in consumer behavior.

There’s no guarantee that you will receive an authentic copy if you buy an NFT. The market is ripe with copies, fakes, replicas, scammers, and counterfeits. Most NFTs don’t come with certificates of authenticity (COAs) or anything similar that would indicate authenticity. Therefore, it’s only natural that people would want those things too because they want their NFTs to be “real”!


In the end, it’s about what feels right for you. 

For some people, NFTs are the greatest thing since sliced bread. For others, they’re too much of an abstraction and don’t feel like real ownership over a piece of artwork or other collectible items.

 If you’re considering investing in art or other physical collectibles, we encourage you to research before buying anything!

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