Are monkey NFTs worth buying?


The world of crypto is one of the most exciting markets to watch. Crypto enthusiasts have been speculating on the future of blockchain tech since its inception in 2009. This article will cover why monkey NFTs could be worth buying, but there’s no easy answer.

Monkeys are the undeniable kings of the internet

Monkeys are the undisputed rulers of the internet. They’re the most popular animal on social media, the most used emoji, and have been used to sell everything from cars to insurance. Monkeys are everywhere you look.

Monkeys might seem like an unlikely choice for a digital asset investment:

  • They’re neither rare nor particularly exotic or expensive.
  • Unlike cats or dogs, there’s a much smaller market for monkey-themed merchandise.
  • Even if you buy one as an investment, it’s not like monkeys can pay rent by living in your apartment

But that doesn’t mean that monkey NFTs aren’t worth buying!

Monkeys steal our hearts and wallets with their adorable antics

Monkeys are cute, funny, and smart. They’re also fun to watch and play with, but do you know what else is fun? Monkey NFTs!

If you love monkeys and need a new way to show appreciation for them, consider buying some monkey NFTs from an NFT marketplace. Not all collections will be successful like Bored Ape Yacht Club, though.

And now, there are monkeys on the blockchain

  • Buy a monkey NFT. You can purchase monkey NFTs in the form of an ERC-721 token. There are two ways to buy one: by purchasing it from another user or through “minting”. 
  • Sell a monkey NFT at whatever price you want! It will depend on market interest and how much supply there is compared to demand. 

CryptoMode Bored Ape Yacht Club BAYC

You can buy or sell artwork as an NFT

Except the artwork being limited edition and signed by the artist, there is no difference between buying an NFT and owning a digital painting. The only thing that changes is that it’s a digital piece of art.

Monkey NFTs are just like any other token on the blockchain, except they’re made from unique images created by artists. To buy or sell monkey tokens, you’ll need to use a marketplace like OpenSea or Rarebits.

You can buy monkey-themed tokens as part of an auction or at market price.

There is no easy way to tell how much an NFT will sell for

The market determines the value of an NFT. The creator only sets the price for an NFT at the initial mint. Instead, this is determined by the supply and demand for that particular item. If you want to sell your non-fungible token, you will have to wait until someone else offers to purchase it.

Each sale happens directly between two parties, who must accept the price offered for their tokens. Your mileage may vary when buying or selling monkey NFTs.

It is unclear if people will remain interested in buying monkey NFTs

It is unclear if people will remain interested in buying monkey NFTs. However, monkeys have been on the internet since the beginning, and they have always been good at marketing themselves and making us laugh, cry, and buy things.


The future of NFTs is uncertain, but the monkey may be here to stay. 

While the market for these tokens is still small, people seem excited to use them. Whether they stick around or go extinct remains to be seen.

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