Arbitrum mania subsides as DigiToads presale invokes huge interest from buyers


It is difficult to predict where the crypto market is headed next. As new products make their way to the market, crypto users end up being spoilt for choices. The variety of options also means that users can easily diversify their portfolios by trying new projects. For instance, Arbitrum, which once upon a time was considered among the best cryptocurrency to buy is now lagging as DigiToads gains traction. If you are struggling to decide what cryptos to buy now, you should check out the rave reviews that this new project is getting from analysts. To know more about why DigiToads has been hitting the headlines, let’s explore some of its features.

DigiToads: Revamping the meme coin culture

DigiToads is a high-utility meme coin that also functions as a play-to-earn vertical. With the Ethereum-powered platform, users get to explore multiple outlets for earning passive incomes which includes staking NFTs, participating in games, and monthly rewards. For managing various transactional uses on the network, a user will need to use DigiToads’ native token called TOAD. The platform plans on making the token available for purchase via a presale process that will have 10 stages. It’s currently in the third stage which is the ‘Lilypad3’. According to the DigiToads website, the project has so far raised over $1m. The distinctive factor about the TOAD token that guarantees it a spot on analysts cryptocurrency ICO list is its deflationary model that tames price fluctuations.

The team has decided to mint 585 million TOAD Tokens. Of the total supply, 272.5 million will be released for the presale phase. The team will be dedicating another 130.65 million tokens for maintaining the staking pool and community growth. The rest of the supply will be divided between categories like the treasury pool, team tokens, rewards, competitions, and project launches. The fair launch and transparent tokenomics are among the important features that have appealed to analysts who have been voicing support for it among the altcoins to watch for in 2023.

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One of the most exciting parts of the platform is its play-to-earn ecosystem where a user has to compete with other players with the help of digital creatures called DigiToads in a virtual swamp arena. Players can buy or trade these DigiToads. Alternatively, they can also win them in one of the contests organized by the team. These DigiToads have special features that can help a player along in the game. It might be strength or even a special ability. If you feel your DigiToad lacks a certain quality, you can always buy food, potions, or training equipment for them to make them a stronger contender. These items can be bought only using TOAD Tokens and half of the sale proceeds will go towards maintaining the prize pool. The players with the highest score at the end of each DigiToad season win the game and are rewarded with TOAD tokens.

And this isn’t the only way you can bolster your earnings. The platform has plans to disburse giveaways worth $150,000. Users who participate actively stand the chance to win weekly and daily prizes along with a grand prize of $50,000. During the presale stage, DigiToads would be announcing rewards in batches of $1,000, $2,000, and $5,000.

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Arbitrum-powered crypto exchange to deploy new upgrade

If you are looking for a scaling solution for an Ethereum-based dApp or project, there’s hardly any option better than Arbitrum. Arbitrum is considered one of the best cryptocurrency to buy right now and comprises a set of scaling solutions that makes it easier to adapt your network to your platform’s changing needs. These scaling tools not only boost speed but are also cost-friendly. It achieves all this by grouping multiple transactions into one and bringing down the load on the network. Its native token is ARB and facilitates all kinds of transactional purposes that you may come across on the Arbitrum platform. Recently, Camelot Crypto Exchange, which is powered by Arbitrum, announced it would be going for a V2 upgrade. The move will pave the way for more efficient trading due to the launch of a new automated market maker.


If you are searching for new altcoins to watch out for, DigiToads is one cryptocurrency you cannot afford to miss. It’s not just crypto users but market analysts are also praising its features. Be it the functionality, the rewards system, or the robust security, DigiToads ticks all the right boxes. Even when it comes to long-term growth, it doesn’t disappoint. Analysts suggest that the TOAD token has the potential to grow by over 50x in the coming months.

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