Arbitrum (ARB) is rumored to seek AI solutions from (FET) and Avorak (AVRK)


Arbitrum is a blockchain scaling solution that improves the efficiency of Ethereum greatly. The chain has been gaining popularity since its launch and is now rumored to seek AI solutions from (FET) and Avorak (AVRK) to improve the blockchain. This article will explain what Arbitrum is, whether is a good investment, and why Avorak AI is the best AI crypto in 2023.

What is Arbitrum?

Arbitrum is a Layer-2 (L2) scaling solution for the Ethereum network. It boasts to increase the speed and reduce the cost of transactions on Ethereum. The L2 chain uses smart contracts to facilitate transactions and is built on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM).

Specifically, it uses a combination of off-chain and on-chain processing to ensure that transactions are processed quickly and efficiently. While these are all good reasons for future success, its true popularity stems from the recent launch and the airdrop of its native coin, ARB.

In addition, the Arbitrum development team is now rumored to be seeking AI solutions from and Avorak AI to greatly improve the network and get an edge over the competition like Polygon or Avalanche. If these rumors turn out to be accurate, Avorak AI and are looking at substantial gains together with Arbitrum.

Is a Good Investment? aims to provide infrastructure for AI and Web3 to businesses and organizations. It supports smart contracts to deploy its agent-based technology that can be used to develop micro automation.

These micro automations can learn, predict and act on behalf of the user to complete tasks. The team behind the FET coin claim this might reinvent the way people live and work.

With the increasing hype around AI and crypto, the Fetch Network is definitely a crypto asset that should not be missing in any portfolio.

Avorak AI – Best AI Crypto in 2023

Avorak AI is building an entire AI ecosystem on the Binance Smart Chain with its native token AVRK. The AI platform has already raised over $1,300,000 during the ongoing ICO and is available in its 4th Phase with a bonus of 7% for early investors.

Avorak AI has a strong team of developers and advisors who are committed to driving the growth and adoption of the AI token. With its wide range of AI-backed tools, such as trading bots, chatbots, and image-creation modules, the token is expected to make its earliest backers wealthy individuals after launch.

The rumors that Arbitrum is in talks with the Avorak AI team to adopt some of their technology into the blockchain would drive demand and moonshot the crypto into the Top 150 on CoinMarketCap.


Arbitrum is now rumored to seek help with AI technology from and Avorak AI. Fetch ai is an already established coin, while Avorak AI is still available in its presale. This results in a unique opportunity for investors to profit from one of the most hyped presales in 2023.

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