Arbitrum and Tradecurve to see massive spikes in value in 2023


With over 25,400 cryptocurrencies to pick from, knowing where to look for is essential in order for investors to be able to pick cryptocurrencies with high-growth potential, and out of them, Arbitrum and Tradecurve have stood out as the best gainers of 2023. Each cryptocurrency is primed for success, and we will go over the development and updates of each project to see why this is the case.


Arbitrum’s Ecosystem Growth and Value Increase Potential

The Arbitrum team announced new projects that will come to their ecosystem, and some of the most notable ones include Gelato Network, Compound, Plutus DAO, Layer Zero, Lido, and Aperture. The value of the Arbitrum cryptocurrency has also seen a jump, and on June 4, 2023, it traded at $1.22.

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Going over Arbitrum’s weekly performance, its low point was at $1.14, with its high point at $1.27. Even though this was the case, Arbitrum jumped in value by 6.5% in the last two weeks and by 2.2% in the last week alone. Arbitrum is showcasing a bullish pattern and could see a massive increase in its value throughout 2023, but a new hybrid exchange known as Tradecurve can dominate the industry with a 100x spike, and we will go over why.


Tradecurve To Experience A Massive 100x Spike in Value Throughout 2023

Centralized exchanges are facing issues such as restricting users due to regulatory compliance, mandatory KYC requirements, lack of privacy and anonymity, and high transaction fees while also being exclusively made for the trading of cryptocurrencies.

Globally, there are many that are unbanked and who want to trade derivatives but do not have a way to access them. This is where Tradecurve fits in, as it’s an exchange that does not require KYC, with low fees, and where anyone from anywhere can deposit both crypto and derivatives.

Just by depositing cryptocurrencies that will be used as collateral, users can begin trading US and European equity CFDs, Forex, Indices, Commodities, Options, ETFs, and Bonds. The TCRV token is now at Stage 3 in its presale, where it trades at $0.015. The stage is 34.84% complete, with 26,133,445 tokens already sold.


Tradecurve was created to make it as simple as possible for users to trade global financial markets with ease, and offers high leverage starting at 500:1, negative balance protection, a VIP account system, algorithmic trading with AI and social trading features that will enable the best traders to create a subscription model through which they can earn.

Based on all of these aspects, analysts and industry experts predict that the value of TCRV can climb by 100x at launch. The platform has the potential to onboard 100,000 members during the first three months of operation, and the team can raise $20 million after selling all of the presale tokens.

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