Apple Changes Affecting Webkit Don’t Bode Well for Crypto Web Wallets in Safari


It would appear that Apple is making some changes to its Webkit engine in Safari. That may have some big consequences for mobile cryptocurrency wallet users in the long run.

Most mobile users have a dedicated mobile wallet application for their favorite cryptocurrency.

The end of Web Wallets on Apple Devices?

Others tend to use browser-based wallets, simply for the sheer convenience provided.

It now appears that this latter approach may come to an end, at least where Apple devices are concerned.

The technology giant is making core changes to its Safari browser Webkit engine.

All Script-Writeable storage will be capped at seven days.

In theory, that doesn’t sound too bad, but it is problematic for web wallet users.

Virtually all web wallets tend to create a private key stored in the local storage folder of the browser itself.

As Apple is now capping the duration of the validity of this data, the private key information will also be removed in seven days, at least theoretically.

A very problematic development, albeit it remains to be seen how it will affect web wallets exactly.

A web wallet is never a long-term storage solution for crypto assets by any means.

Apple device users may want to begin looking for alternative solutions as soon as possible.

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