Apollo Comes Out Ahead in Sharding Race

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Cryptos are fast and scalable, but are they sustainable? It appears we finally have an answer. On April 1, 2019, Apollo Fintech launched the first-ever database sharding for blockchain transactions. Through this technology, the age-old problem of data overload and slow transaction processing has been solved. The company is trailblazing a new generation of crypto transactions with the implementation of database sharding. Let’s explain how and why.

What Is Apollo’s Database Sharding Protocol?

In technical terms, sharding is a method designed to increase transactional throughput. In simpler terms, it is the technique used in splitting data storage across a peer-to-peer network so that each block doesn’t have to process the entire workload of the database. Based on the blockchain’s underlying concept, every block of information is added to the digital ledger and forms a part of the collective network. But, as thousands of data turn to millions and then billions, there is am hypothetical traffic congestion, which makes each subsequent transaction take longer and longer. Without speedy transactions, the fundamental purpose of the blockchain is defeated.

Apollo’s database sharding provides a reduced cycle time for each operation. The blockchain does not always require full access to the ledger, and that is the loophole that the Apollo sharding protocol capitalizes on. Rather than downloading the entire blockchain, nodes download the latest segment and begin processing from there, while older segments are only accessed when needed. It allows almost infinite data storage, because every shard will be made partially independent of others in the database.

Apollo – The Currency of the Future

Cryptocurrencies are running amok in the cyberspace with over 5000 altcoins already designed. Obviously, the majority of these coins are yet to break into the real world, and many of those that have are still vying for a spot in the list of the top payment solutions. Among the top cryptocurrencies at the moment is APL. Apollo had a slightly different trajectory, and much of its success is a merit of its quality standards and the masterful developers behind the scenes.

Apollo has definitely achieved what others have tried and failed to. The company’s sharding technology has created a renaissance for cryptocurrencies, and as expected, other competitors on the market are in a race to follow up. However, Apollo Fintech CEO Stephen McCullah says, “although one other coin has claimed to have sharding it is not accurate, Apollo has launched database sharding, which is what Ethereum is working towards. The only sharding that was released outside of Apollo is Network Sharding, which is not the same and does not affect sustainability in the same way”.

In addition to becoming the number one crypto with indefinite sustainability, APL is the first blockchain to add true quantum resistance and also the pioneer of the Dapps infrastructure. It is one of the most advanced cryptos on the planet and the most feature-packed as well. APL processes transactions at a value of less than two seconds and already has notable applications in the national bank level in addition to other commercial and government uses. Using the Token System, users can develop an advanced token in a matter of seconds. APL is available at one of the most excellent exchange platforms, BitMart.com.

Alongside APL is its fellow blockchain stable coin, GSX. GSX is the token for Gold Secured Currency and is an equal beneficiary of the advantages of the Apollo blockchain. Being backed by a tangible asset, gold, GSX does not decrease in value, and this feature is contrary to other cryptocurrencies, making it the ideal investment. It has the qualities of a cryptocurrency, an investment coin, and a stable coin, and stakeholders get a share of the yearly profits as dividends. Potential investors can acquire GSX right now with a 50% pre-sale bonus offer. Holders can always redeem GSX tokens for their equivalent value in gold.

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