AnyTask has Over 500,000 Users and Will get new Features Soon

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There are many underappreciated platforms and services in the cryptocurrency world. AnyTask, the freelancing platform for Electroneum falls into this category. It seems a fair few significant updates and improvements will be coming to this platform in the near future.

AnyTask has Grown Significantly

Freelance work can make the difference between a decent income and having no money at all. While there are plenty of ways to offer freelance services globally, they are not always the best choice. AnyTask is a different creature, as it puts financial inclusion above everything else.

Since its inception, the platform has noted over 500,000 signups and more than 16,500 online tasks. All of that is incredibly impressive for a service most people tend to overlook. It is a platform leveraging the Electroneum currency, a mobile-first form of digital money. While often ignored, ETN has proven to be successful in its own regard. 

Because anyone in the world can sign up and either provide or complete a task, the potential is virtually unlimited. Especially with the new functionality to be added, there is a lot to look forward to. Whether this will trigger a boom among freelance work globally, is difficult to predict. Nothing is impossible. 

Upcoming Changes Seem Interesting

One has to admit the current AnyTask platform feels a bit bland. There are many aspects that can and will be improved upon in the future. The first order of business is enhancing the role Electroneum plays on the platform. What will change exactly, is difficult to predict, but it is an interesting option regardless. 

Furthermore, it would appear that PayPal payment support is on the developers’ agenda. Some may see this as a direct competitor to Electroneum. PayPal is used by millions of people around the world. As such, integrating it will always be worthwhile.

It does not appear there will be some sort of integration between PayPal and Electroneum. Although PayPal is working on crypto integration, ETN is not on their agenda. Even so, AnyTask and all of its users can benefit from having extra payment options at their disposal. 

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