Cryptocurrency enthusiasts often tend to rely on the same sources. Diversifying one’s information is as crucial as keeping a multi-currency portfolio.

Over the years, Coinmarketcap has been the go-to coin tracking solution.

More Coinmarketcap Alternatives

This is despite the platform noting various incorrect data sets, as well as allowing for HYIPs to advertise on its platform.

Thankfully, numerous alternatives have emerged over the years.

Other solutions include Livecoinwatch, Coincap, Bitinfocharts, and so forth.

It now appears another alternative is making the rounds, known as Coygo

This new solution wants to position itself as a Coinmarketcap alternative for traders.

The new platform can be accessed on desktop and mobile alike.

One of its core features is the option to filter results in many different ways.

Being able to sort by daily volume, medium market cap, possible bullish reversals, and so forth, is quite valuable.

A lot of enthusiasts and traders tend to overlook these particular aspects.

Having more information at one’s disposal often leads to better-informed trading decisions.

Looking at just indicators or how much a market has gained today will usually result in chasing the top.

That is a good way to losing a lot of good money in quick succession.

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