Another Uniswap Fork Dubbed “Zuniswap” has Been Announced

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Similar to what the cryptocurrency industry has seen during the ICO stage, DeFi is now home to numerous copycats. Whether it is a sign of innovation, has yet to be determined. Zuniswap is another fork of Uniswap, albeit its success isn’t guaranteed.

What is the Purpose of Zuniswap?

It is not uncommon for open source projects to be forked and eventually improved upon by completely different developers. Anyone is free to add their own flavor to an existing project. Finding people who will use the new project will be challenging, but it can be done. Zuniswap thinks it can do a much better job than Uniswap, and aims to do a few things very differently. 

What makes this fork different is how it will be 100% community owned. This is very different from Uniswap and the other existing forks of this project. There is usually a “dev share”, giving initial developers an opportunity to destroy the market in quick succession. 

It is never in anyone’s best interest to do so, but with millions of Dollars at stake, anything can happen. This is an unregulated aspect of the industry, with little repercussions for bad actors. 

Launch Date Unknown

Although not much is known about Zuniswap yet, the project has sparked some interest. With no developer fund or token allocation for developers, an interesting situation is created. 

No one knows who is working on the project, as there are no official members as of yet. That should eventually change, which would be an interesting development. Very few people openly associate their real identity with the DeFi project they are working on. 

For now, it is anyone’s guess as to when the project will go live. No launch date has been announced, and the code is not fully ready. An audit of the code will have to occur prior to the launch as well. 

As more Uniswap forks begin popping up, it will be interesting to see if at least one team can successfully crack the code. So far, that hasn’t happened, as the forks either turn into a scam or fail to gain traction. 

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