Andrey Kasay Celebrity Drop: NFT STARS to host “Celebration!” auction on April 21st — April 25th


A new Celebrity Drop is about to break out of NFT STARS. Starting on April 21st and up until April 25th, you have your one and only chance to buy a unique NFT by our new artist – Andrey Kasay! The “Celebration” auction starts at 10:00 UTC, so make sure you set your alarm for this event.

Andrey Kasay is a world-famous artist who has traveled all around the globe! His exhibitions have taken place in the world’s biggest cities: New York, Denver, Vienna, Berlin and Lisbon. Andrey was involved in a series of successful collaborations with popular brands like Nike, Gucci and Red Bull. Many well-known magazines including Vice, Wired, Juxtapoz and It’s Nice That wrote articles about this extraordinary artist. 

And to be sure, Andrey is a highly eccentric person who has this to say about himself: “a natural savage, a Far Easterner and a nihilist”. His loyal neighbors are the Amur tiger and the wild dog, who taught him how to draw and animate. Andrey does not know what inspires him to create his works, though he claims it could just be the solid monetary reward — you never know!

Now, Andrey is inspired to share his new work in the upcoming ‘Celebration!’ drop. The auction will be held in celebration of his favorite day of the year — Tax Day! We hope you will join us in this modern and cozy dream apartment. And don’t be put off by the fact that you don’t quite understand what everyone is talking about, be content with it sounding like something very important. It’s perfectly okay, just don’t forget to make a wish and get burned!

Together with the NFT, the new owner will get a print of the artwork signed by the artist himself. The drop will last from 10:00 UTC on April 21st to 10:00 UTC on April 25th: 


NFT STARS is an international, cross-platform, NFT marketplace specializing in collaborations with artists in the digital, visual and audio arts and recently, gaming projects. Its user-friendly interface and recent implementation of an augmented reality (AR) function allows users to freely examine many pieces of art. White Label solutions are available for corporate customers whose goal is to emphasize their own unique and recognizable brand. A special NFT Radio feature is being worked on as well to provide users with an access to the world best music! 

Learn more about NFT STARS by going to its official social media pages: 

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