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Under normal circumstances, the cryptocurrency industry doesn’t seem to respond to news, either bullish or bearish. A new fund created by Andreessen Horowitz will not necessarily make a big impact, but it’s an interesting development regardless.

Most people in the cryptocurrency industry have heard about Andreessen Horowitz before.

A Second Fund for Andreessen Horowitz

The company is well known for investing in different projects and companies.

Moreover, it is in the process of creating a second fund.

Initially, that fund had a $450 million valuation target.

It has now been raised to $515 million due to higher interest than originally anticipated.

As part of the second fund, there will be investments in cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

That will only represent a fraction of the portfolio, but it’s still noteworthy.

There are some mentions of investing in Ethereum, Mainframe, Maker, and so forth.

It is worth noting that none of the potentially shady projects in the space are mentioned at this time.

Prior to creating such a fund, thorough research is required, after all.

It will be interesting to see if this Andreessen Horowitz news will spark another crypto bull run.

That seems rather unlikely, but with more people being exposed to crypto in general, something has to give sooner or later.

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