Andre Cronje: “Blockchain and AI Don’t Mix, AI Coins Are Pump-and-Dumps”

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Although there has been an interest in AI altcoins lately, many people miss the point entirely. It seems interesting to combine blockchain and artificial intelligence. Unfortunately, these systems are not designed to play nice, and Andre Cronje is getting annoyed by people thinking otherwise. 

Innovative technologies often create powerful products, services, and solutions. Bitcoin has paved the way for thousands of blockchain platforms trying to automate and modernize society. Artificial intelligence has given the world ChatGPT and various other tools to make life easier.

The next logical step is to merge both and see how things unfold. Unfortunately, it isn’t as easy as fitting two puzzle pieces together. Blockchain, while potent, is notoriously slow. It also provides too much transparency, although it is more secure than other data storage and processing options. 

Artificial intelligence, especially consumer-facing products, requires a massive throughput. Even ChatGPT can’t keep up with consumer demand, let alone have something like it run on a slow blockchain like Ethereum, Cardano, or Solana. Some of these networks can facilitate thousands of transactions per minute, but more is needed to facilitate AI development. 

It appears some people have high hopes for Fantom and its AI development. Andre Cronje, is getting messaged about the topic regularly, although it is clear Fantom’s future has nothing to do with artificial intelligence. Instead, Cronje points out that blockchain and AI don’t mix. They are impressive technologies but not designed to complement one another. 

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The statement by Andre Cronje is the truth. That doesn’t prevent people from scooping up artificial intelligence altcoins, though. Unfortunately, none of these projects will make a notable impact. When the pieces don’t fit, there is no reason to jerry-rig something that will fall apart sooner or later. As such, Andre Cronje confirmed Fantom has no plans of AI development, nor would the chain need it.

Given the current popularity of AI altcoins, it’s logical for people to enquire about such things. Some developers or creators may consider it possible, but Andre Cronje is adamant about these things. 

AI altcoins are all pump-and-dump schemes, as these technologies cannot mix. It is easy to make hopefuls and speculators think otherwise, though. However, nothing will happen when it comes to utility and delivering on initial promises. 

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