An Exclusive Interview with TAPME — the Flappy Bird and Crypto Punks Inspired Play-to-Earn GameFi

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Reporter: Please give us a brief introduction to TAPME.

Based on a play-to-earn model, TAPME’s GameFi release requires players to constantly tap at their screens in order to control their characters flying up and down. Our players’ tasks are to keep their characters from bumping into obstacles and help their characters progress as far as possible. For every obstacle players overcome, they gain points that can be converted into tokens with real market value. The game is not only addictive and easy, but it also has a low entry barrier where players can purchase NFT characters at a relatively low amount to begin their play-to-earn journey.

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What is the origin story or inspiration for TAPME?

TAPME’s origin story began when we were inspired by the legendary pixelated pieces of Flappy Bird and Crypto Punks. Flappy Bird was a popular game that once captivated the world with its simple yet addictive gameplay, and our aim was to take that inspiration and invoke fond memories and a sense of nostalgia in our players.

It is without a doubt that there have been new play-to-earn projects and games coming up every other day. What do you think separates TAPME from the rest?

Good question. Not only did we design TAPME as an addictive play-to-earn game, but it also possesses other unique features that can’t be found in any other blockchain-related game. For instance, NFTs Staking which allows players to level up their NFTs and stake them for passive income, and multi-NFTs integration which enables players to use NFTs from other games, or even design their own NFTs to join the game!

What is the best platform to trade TAP at? Can you list a few of them with high liquidity?

Sure, we’re listed on exchanges such as PancakeSwap, Hoo, and!

Lastly, what are some upcoming major developments and updates for the TAPME community?

Currently, we’re working on several developments such as introducing staking NFTs for revenue sharing and launching the iOS and Android mobile versions of the game to increase accessibility and convenience for our players. We’re also looking forward to launching more in-game developments such as our player versus player (PvP) mode, and much-awaited TAPME tournaments and championships for players to win more tokens!

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