Amazing Rewards System Puts Gnox (GNOX) On Potential Best Buy List Ahead Of Uniswap (UNI) And Polygon (MATIC)


Crypto markets are heating up as we speak. Billions being stored in stablecoins is being deployed into Bitcoin and altcoins as we write. However, altcoins are fast outpacing bitcoin. A couple of examples include Uniswap (UNI) and Polygon (MATIC).

Uniswap’s price has doubled in the past couple of weeks while MATIC has tripled in price. Does this mean crypto investors should go chasing after them? Frankly, no one knows whether we’re looking at a full-on bottom or whether we’re running into a bull trap.

Both UNI and MATIC face five separate resistance levels that they must break through if their prices are to surpass all-time highs. If that happens, you’re looking at another 200% to 400% gain. 

But keep in mind that in the long term, risk assets generally fall faster than they rise. It could take years just to pass the first few resistance levels. The reason UNI was able to produce 40X gains is that it launched prior to a bull run. There were no resistance levels to hold the price back. In fact, the only thing that stunted the rise of these assets prior to the bear market was a global pandemic. 

The point here is that maybe we should be looking at cryptocurrencies that don’t have a price history and psychological price resistance levels. Maybe we should instead be looking at assets that are launching in the near future, before the next bull run. 

One of the more promising digital assets that fits that bill is Gnox Token. 

Gnox Token: “Yield Farming As a Service”

Yield farming is the practice of locking up digital assets into contracts that produce passive income. These include opportunities such as peer-to-peer lending, liquidity pools, and interest-bearing accounts. While these are nice opportunities to earn some passive income, they do come with some risk. Just look at what happened to LUNA holders. For this reason, it’s super important to diversify – especially in crypto.

The fact is, most people just don’t have the time to do all the necessary research to find the best opportunities and manage their investments. It’s very time-consuming. What the Gnox platform does is it gnox that time down to just a few minutes each month to check in on your basket. 

All you have to do to get invested in a diversified portfolio of passive income-producing crypto assets is buy and hold the GNOX token. Everything else is done for you by a team of pro DeFi analysts. 

But the Gnox strategy goes beyond that. What makes GNOX such as great long-term store of value is that once it’s launched, the token will have an eternally deflationary supply. Monthly burns will pull tokens off exchanges and out of circulation permanently. Each time this happens, it raises the spot price of the token. 

On top of that, a 1% royalty on all aftermarket GNOX token sales comes back to holders in the form of a royalty. Not monthly, but hourly. That means you can sit back and watch your stack grow throughout the day. 

GNOX is currently in the final phase of its ICO which ends on August 12th. Anyone who gets in on the presale prior to that date will enjoy a nice boost in price before the token goes onto exchanges. That’s because all unsold tokens will be burned at the end of the presale. This could drastically reduce the circulating supply and greatly increase the price of the token.  

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