Altcoin Exodus: Why Investors Are Abandoning Synthetix (SNX) for a New Token Poised for Explosive Growth


Altcoins have presented crypto users with a more viable trading option in the cryptoverse as Bitcoin and Ethereum elevate to elite coin status. The advent of altcoins ushered in even more participation in the cryptocurrency market, encouraging users and developers to get involved and launch their respective crypto projects.

For example, Synthetix, an Ethereum-based project, allows for increased user participation by making rare commodities available in the cryptoverse. Commodities like gold and silver are difficult to locate and trade in world economic markets, so the Synthetix community authorises the creation of such assets for trading.

However, crypto is looking past projects like Synthetix and moving towards more trendy and entertaining platforms like Pikamoon. In other words, you should be on the Pikamoon project, too; only early investors get the largest returns. Read on to discover all you need to know about the new token.

Synthetix–Keep Building!

The Synthetix project launched in 2018 and created an insured environment for traders who couldn’t access rare crypto and non-crypto assets like Bitcoin, gold, and silver. The platform provides an inert atmosphere for trading, preventing any third-party involvement.

Assets listed on the Synthetix network are called synths, and they are placeholders for users in the community. The users don’t necessarily have to hold these assets before they can trade them on Synthetix. This further ensures that every trader can own wealth without large amounts of capital.

Despite its positives, Synthetix is frankly boring, and like many other CashFi projects, investors are beginning to pull out of such investments in search of more interesting platforms. Pikamoon is full of features the average crypto enthusiast prizes, and that’s what every trader is jumping ship for, and you shouldn’t be left out of it. Get ready for Pikamoon!

Pikamoon: Top Gaming, Top Rewards

Whether you’re a gamer or not, Pikamoon’s got the best deals for you. The project aims to bring the best of crypto gaming to the fore, as its developers went to great lengths to incorporate high-quality art features into a brilliant gaming interface.

Thanks to the Unreal 5 engine studios for the superb gaming experience. The software is the best game development technology, and its effects on Pikamoon’s overall performance are enormous. The improved 3D visuals—avatars and game items—are also crucial attractions for most crypto gamers, as Pikamoon leaves no stone unturned in its quest for excellence in the Metaverse.

Pikamoon is for every art lover, and that’s why the NFT marketplace exists. The platform is a typical trove of NFTs, ranging from avatars to game items, and the development has allowed users to create their own NFT collections, swap individual tokens and game items, and even sell them on the network. So, you’re not a gamer? Pikamoon’s still got you!

Here are other standout features to anticipate from the GameFi platform.

  • Multiple Blockchains for Better Gameplay

Pikamoon exists on two top-tier blockchains, and for good reason. The developers promised the best gaming experience, and smooth gameplay was surely in the bargain. The double-blockchain basis will ensure users get a personalised experience free of network lags and restrictions. Since lagging connections are important challenges in GameFi setups, this is just Pikamoon staying one step ahead of others.

  • Longevity

The Pikamoon project is built to last, and the developers have lined up strategic collaborations to keep promoting the platform among crypto users. The partners are industry leaders with a track record of backing world-class projects and attracting even more users to the network.

  • Deflationary Steps

As part of the developers’ commitment to the project and its community, they have scheduled steps to reduce the token supply over time. Such measures will increase the token’s value, thus increasing its rank within the cryptoverse.

Pikamoon’s Presale

Pikamoon’s features are mind-blowing, but you know what’s even better? The presale is on, and it’s worth the investment, as users will start benefiting right from the presale period. The presale is in its second phase, and the phase-one buyers already have 100% profits due to the price increase.

It’s never too late to hop on the Pikamoon project, but being an early investor obviously has its perks. Click here to join now and get your dream gaming experience underway.

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