Alt Season Has Been Cancelled: Ran Neuner Prepares To Dump All Altcoin Bags In Favor of Bitcoin

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Once a fervent altcoin advocate, Ran Neuner, a celebrated figure in the world of cryptocurrencies, has recently made a startling revelation on a popular podcast: he is shifting his investment focus from altcoins to Bitcoin.

Governments’ Unpredictability and the Allure of Secure Assets

Neuner anticipates that prospective governmental missteps, encompassing economic downturns to heightening geopolitical strains, will lead investors towards the sanctuary of more stable assets.

“In the face of governments acting impulsively, people will inevitably gravitate towards gold,” says Neuner, providing a glimpse into his rationale.

Historically, gold has been the asset of choice during periods of turbulence, recently witnessing a noteworthy rise in value. Neuner interprets this surge as an indication of investors girding themselves for potential governmental fumbles.

Bitcoin – The Emerging Safe Haven Over Gold

Neuner, however, envisages a tipping point for gold—a juncture when Bitcoin will eclipse it as the preferred safe haven. Despite its time-honored status, the credibility of gold falls short due to the absence of on-chain verification.

Central banks may purport to possess a certain quantum of gold, yet the absence of on-chain verification makes this claim indeterminable.

Neuner speculates, “At some juncture, a government or central bank will falter in its dealings with gold… This will drive people towards Bitcoin.” This monumental shift in investor sentiment could prove to be a pivotal moment for Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s Evolution and Increased Functionality

Bitcoin’s not just an emerging safe haven; its recent evolution and increased functionality have further sparked Neuner’s enthusiasm. He specifically highlights the introduction of Ordinals, which grants Bitcoin augmented capabilities akin to Ethereum.

“With its evolution, Bitcoin has transitioned from being merely a store of value to competing directly with Ethereum,” he exclaims excitedly.

The newfound ability to issue tokens on Bitcoin, execute smart contracts, and debuting a Bitcoin virtual machine have dramatically altered the crypto landscape. Even the former MicroStrategy CEO, Michael Saylor, has celebrated the rise of BRC-20 tokens as “bullish.” That surprised some people, although it has brought more attention to the Bitcoin network.

The Investment Shift: From Altcoins to Bitcoin

Neuner’s exhilaration is not confined to Bitcoin’s technical advancements. His decision to offload his altcoins is rooted in the conviction that investing in Bitcoin and its burgeoning infrastructure promises a more favorable prospect than minor altcoins.

Despite his enthusiasm, Neuner acknowledges future challenges, particularly concerning Bitcoin’s scaling abilities. Regardless, he asserts that investors must gear up for this looming revolution by amassing “dry powder”— investable funds.

Neuner warns of the potential downfall in waiting, which could lead to a depreciation in other token values while Bitcoin and its tokens surge. His counsel? Capitalize on Bitcoin and its thriving ecosystem immediately.

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