All Major Ethereum Clients Will Support The Merge

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As the Ethereum network draws closer to activating The Merge, users may want to start upgrading their clients. That applies to node operators and validators who want to support the network post-Merge. There is still time to upgrade, but no one benefits from delaying the client upgrade indefinitely. 

Ethereum Clients Supporting The Merge

Everyone running an Ethereum node or aiming to become a validator must prepare ahead of The Merge. The transition to proof-of-stake marks a significant change for the Ethereum network. Moreover, validators and node operators need to run a client on both the execution and consensus layer to remain active on the network. That has not been the case prior to this major upgrade, making it all the more crucial for users to comply.

Thankfully, all major Ethereum clients will support The Merge without any issues. On the consensus layer front, there are clients for Lighthouse, Lodestar, Nimbus, Prysm, and Teku. Seeing how far some of these clients have come since their inception is remarkable. Lodestar is a relatively new addition, and The Merge marks its official V1.0.0 client release. 

Execution-layer-wise, users can explore all the usual suspects to remain connected to the network. New versions of Besu, Erigon, Go-Ethereum (Geth), and Nethermind are available for download. However, users must avoid geth version V1.10.22, which contains a critical database issue. Make sure to get on V1.10.23 as quickly as possible to avoid any issues. 

Thanks to the hard work of these developers, everyone can upgrade their client ahead of The Merge. There is no reason not to do it ahead of time, as this network transition needs to go as smoothly as possible. Everyone knew about the switch to proof-of-stake well in advance, and it appears most people will upgrade in time. For node operators and validators, the coming two weeks will prove crucial for various reasons. 

No Action Required By Normal Users

Although the Ethereum network will see tremendous consensus algorithm changes, Ethereum users and ETH holders do not need to upgrade anything. There may be client upgrades for the traditional wallets over time, but there is no specific reason to look for upgrades today. All these wallets- the self-custodial and the exchange ones – will continue to operate without issues. Be aware of any scams claiming you need to upgrade your wallet, as those claims are false. 

The same applies to Ethereum miners. Although there is no purpose to mining ETH after The Merge, no one needs to upgrade any software. Mining will automatically become impossible after the network upgrade. 

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