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The planet has been drastically affected by a deadly pandemic which has altered people’s lives from all corners of the world. The world of gambling has been particularly affected by this horrendous virus, as people in many places can no longer leave the safety of their homes to visit casinos and can no longer enjoy their favorite casino games. As a result, a massive number of gamblers have now chosen online casinos to partake in their favorite form of entertainment. This in turn has created a huge demand for efficient online casinos in the market. CryptoGames, an exemplary online casino, is the choice of many ardent gamblers and is the answer to the high demand for efficient gambling sites. This casino has all the necessary attributes expected from a top notch online casino – it has extravagant games, a mesmerizing UI, flexible deposit and withdrawal options, powerful security protocols and much more!

CryptoGames is operated by an organization called MuchGaming B.V and is under the jurisdiction of the government of Curacao. The casino has an extremely dexterous team of moderators and administrators who are capable of any issues that might arise. With its fantastic services, CryptoGames has become a utopia for gamblers from all parts of the internet. With an aim to further improve the quality of its services and provide players with more world class entertainment, CryptoGames intends to create a gambling haven for all gamblers of the world. Below are some of the services one can enjoy in CryptoGames:

Sublime User Interface

Users of CryptoGames enjoy a sublime browsing experience when they access the user interface of CryptoGames. Anyone visiting the site immediately forms a positive impression of the interface as it offers a flawless browsing experience and has a ton of features. The platform is completely devoid of any distracting designs that might disrupt player’s concentration.  There is a chat box which players can use to effectively talk with each other and discuss strategies. Additionally, the light interface allows most devices to load and play the games. This means CryptoGames users can use devices with minimal specs to load and play games. Only a few clicks are needed to navigate between different pages and the wagering history can be easily checked beside every game that is being played. Users also have the option of changing themes through the options located under the “Your Account” tab. The very appealing Dark mode can be applied by pressing a “Moon shaped” button. FAQ, Chat Rules and Support can be gotten at the lower part of the page.

An extravagant Library of Old School Games

Casino games are a gateway for gamblers to eternal bliss and endless riches. This is why CryptoGames has offered its players a library of world class games guaranteed to deliver top notch entertainment. These sublime games are extremely popular in the gambling world due to their nostalgic vibe and have pulled in hundreds and thousands of committed players to CryptoGames through their old school aura. CryptoGames offers 8 fantastic games, few in number but rich in quality. CryptoGames also assists its players in learning and mastering the games in the best way conceivable. The casino provides detailed guides alongside every game it offers. This fabulous collection of games is one of the factors behind CryptoGames’s enormous success in the gambling world.

The house edge of games offered by CryptoGames is also extremely impressive and is another reason behind the influx of players into the casino. Dice has a house edge of only 1%. Lotto has 0% and winners get to pocket all of the income that comes from ticket sales. Gamblers have extremely fair chances of winning due to the vast range of games.

 A provably fair game is a game with unbiased and impartial results, ensured by Cryptographic techniques. All of the games provided by CryptoGames are Provably Fair- in which gamblers can play their games free from the worry of cheating. CryptoGames also gives gamblers their rewards immediately after their wins. All bets in CryptoGames can be validated by using seeds and hashes and CryptoGames offers a helpful guide on how to do this.

CryptoGames uses a third party provider called RandomPicker to ensure the unbiased results of Lotto. This third party application uses cheat detection techniques to operate. Gamblers of CryptoGames have open access to all necessary information required to ensure the reliability of bet results.

The Games offered by CryptoGames are-


Dice is a crypto-oriented game with a range of potential results which range from 0.000-99.999. The game has a set of rules which must be followed thoroughly to enjoy the game. The game requires players to select an amount at the start. Players have to predict whether the Dice role will produce a greater or lesser value than their chosen number. The player who accurately guesses the outcome of the roll will be declared the game winner and will be able to claim a payout. Gamblers can play this fun game using keyboard controls.  The “Auto Bet” option can be used by players to set up a strategy that the game will follow on autopilot mode, thus saving valuable time. At the moment, an amount of 6 BTC can be won by players through a single bet in Dice.


Slot is a game played on five turning wheels that turn before coming to a stop. Five symbols have to be picked at the beginning of each game and when chosen symbols line up in the center of the Slot, the player can claim a payout. Players of CryptoGames play this game with a diminished level of difficulty and thus achieve more Cryptocurrency and have more fun playing the game. The use of single line horizontal matching also ensures a profitable payout for players. A profit of 5 BTC can be attained through a single bet in this fun and exciting game. This game has huge numbers of players who love the unpredictability of the game.


The name of Roulette originates from the French word “roulette” which means ‘little wheel’.  This fascinating game has hundreds and thousands of followers in the gambling world. A set of simple rules have to be followed to enjoy this enticing game. Gamblers at CryptoGames are able to play a European version of this renowned game rather than the American edition. Despite having a similar payout table like the American rendition of the game, this version has half the amount of house edge as there is a single zero present on the 37-number wheel.  Before rolling the ball, players place bets on the numbers they think will come up by laying down chips on the betting mat, the precise location of the chips referring to the bet being made. A “Spin” button has to be pressed in order to rotate the wheel and start the game and after all bets have been resolved, the gamblers are compensated according to the payout table.


Blackjack or 21 is a game of luck and determination.  This world famous banking game is a favourite amongst the gamblers of CryptoGames. Before the cards are dealt, players must place a wager. One or more players and a dealer have to compete amongst each other by comparing their cards. The player has to beat the house`s combination by gaining a combined card count of 21 or lower. Aces are valued at 1 or eleven, cards such as Kings, Queens and Jacks have a card count of ten, and all numbered cards are valued at the number placed on them. In the case when a gambler’s total exceeds 21, the amount wagered by the gambler will be lost. Players of CryptoGames can play without any loss of concentration or focus as the table interface offered by CryptoGames is completely lacking any unnecessary designs that might distract the players from their games. There are also options of Surrender, Double Down and Split.


Lotto is an extremely popular game at CryptoGames. This game originated from the antique activity known as Lottery. This game requires players to purchase cards which would later be used to determine winners. In order to attain Lotto tickets, players have to use the “Buy Ticket” tab. Players can also check the total number of tickets bought and the possibility of winning under that same tab. Players can check out other important details on the interface, such as the time remaining for the round and winnings given for different positions and the total number of tickets purchased by the player. There are two draws per week, on every Wednesday and Saturday, where players claim their rewards. The winning players are given all of the cryptocurrency collected through ticket sales.


Plinko is a rare game in the world of online gambling. It follows the same rules as the world famous TV show known as “The Price is right” and can be easily mastered and played. The game has to be played on a pyramid shaped board consisting of a field of pegs.  There are four kinds of balls in the game that players have to choose from(green, red, blue and yellow). 10 credits is the minimum bet amount and when the bets have been placed, the “Play” button has to be clicked in order to start the game. The ball selected by the gambler is then allowed to drop from the top point of the pyramid and during its decline, numerous pegs collide with it. The ball ultimately drops into a slot which corresponds to the payout the player will receive. Each slot refers to a different payout value which varies from a 650 times payout to a 0.4 times return..

Video Poker

Video Poker is an extremely beloved game in the online gambling world. Players of CryptoGames learn this game in the best way conceivable due to the presence of the detailed tutorial provided by CryptoGames for this game. The game is like a normal poker game as players each get five cards from which they need to achieve the strongest possible hand. One must learn the rankings of the cards in order to master this game and perform well. Gamblers can play this game more tactfully if they learn the tricks of organizing the cards in the briefest time.

Tens or Better, Jacks or Better, and Bonus poker are the three variants of the game that gamblers can enjoy at CryptoGames. Players can easily switch between their favorite game modes by using the options available at the upper left corner of the interface. When a royal flush victory occurs, the player will have an opportunity to win a maximum of 5 BTC in a single bitcoin bet due to the payout multiplier of 500! The “Smart Hold” option can likewise be used by players to permit the computer to choose which cards to hold. A table that can be found under the “How to play tab” is used to determine the priority of the cards held. This implies that gamblers have the option of holding a better deck of cards than the cards picked by the computer. “The “Auto Bet” function can likewise be used because of the Smart Hold.


Minesweeper had widespread popularity even before online casinos were created. As a result, the game is extremely beloved amongst players from all parts of the planet and the players particularly in CryptoGames love to play this game as it allows them to earn heaps of Cryptocurrency due to the fabulous odds that CryptoGames offers. Minesweeper involves a playing field filled with boxes- some of which hide mines. Players can select the number of mines they want to place on the field. The lowest number of mines they can place is 1, the highest number of mines is 24. The greater the number of mines a player puts in the field, the greater the payout will be.

Players will have to click on as many boxes as possible without colliding with any mines. When the rewards are higher than 4 BTC (highest win per bet) they are no longer recognized by CryptoGames, which means if the player wins an amount higher than the 4 BTC mark, the extra fields will become unavailable to the gambler.

Outstanding Jackpots and Referral Rewards

CryptoGames is a casino that offers mesmerizing jackpots to its players. These great prizes never fail to attract new players from all over the internet. Currently, Dice and Roulette have huge jackpots of 3.7 BTC, which will ultimately become a part of the prize of very lucky gamblers. Players can win the Dice jackpot when their Dice roll is a winning roll of 7.777 or 77.777

CryptoGames also offers its players a very rewarding affiliate program. All players are provided with a referral link for advertising CryptoGames, which can be found in “Rewards” under the “Invite A Friend” tab.  Any gambler who makes referrals will be given 15% of the house edge for every one of their referrals. The referral commission is unaffected by the profit or loss the referred player makes! As long as the player keeps on wagering, the user that invited the player will keep on receiving commission based on the wagered amount. Players can also choose to promote the casino on a large scale by contacting the casino with a custom referral rate/commission proposition.

Super-Fast and Flexible Options for Deposit and Withdrawal

An online casino is often dependent on how fast financial transactions occur throughout the casino. Slow and inconvenient transactions can often cause players to lose interest in a casino as they have to contribute a significant amount of their time converting cryptocurrency and depositing and withdrawing from the casino. Swift and seamless transactions on the other hand mean that players can focus on their games completely and do not have to worry about time lost through slow transactions. CryptoGames has targeted all areas that can speed up financial transactions within the casino. Users of CryptoGames can complete transactions by using a wide variety of Cryptocurrency, which means they do not have to convert coins in a majority of cases. Players can do financial transactions using any of the following cryptocurrencies:

  • Bitcoin
  • Dogecoin
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dash
  • Gas
  • Monero
  • Bitcoin Cash 
  • Ethereum Classic

“Play Money” is a test currency offered by CryptoGames to its players. Like its name suggests, this test –currency can be used by gamblers to play games. Play Money is a site-internal mock currency that gamblers can use in their games to try out different techniques or strategies without decreasing their funds.

All of the aforementioned features allow users to complete their deposits and withdrawals at maximum speed. Thus no time is lost pondering over slow and inconvenient transactions.

Unbreakable Security Measures

The internet is filled with horrendous hackers and scammers who are always looking for ways to steal huge amounts of user funds from online casinos. If proper measures are not put into stopping these atrocious hackers they would infiltrate a casino’s defenses and do considerable damage to user funds and the casino.

This is why CryptoGames puts utmost importance in User account and fund security. A plethora of measures have been undertaken by the casino to put a complete stop to user fund burglary. Two-factor Authentication and SSL encryption has been integrated into the platform, raising the level of security and making it almost impossible for Hackers to hack into user accounts. Even when users have deactivated Two Factor Authentication hackers are still unable to get their hands on cryptocurrency as email verification is mandatory to withdraw any user funds. Even in the worst case scenario, when a direct attack is launched on the casino by awful hackers, their actions will be futile as CryptoGames stores user funds in cold wallets. Thus CryptoGames protects user funds with impenetrable security measures and keeps them away from the reach of atrocious attackers of the web.


With such an impressive resume, there is no doubt that CryptoGames is a sublime gambling site. It is operated by an expert team of moderators and administrators who are adept in their respective fields. It has a wonderful interface that can be easily navigated by anyone visiting the site. Its extravagant library of Games ensure maximum satisfaction for players, who love the games CryptoGames offers because of their nostalgic aura. The casino has effective financial options so transactions are super fast and smooth. Security Measures adapted by the casino ensure no hackers can ever reach user funds. All of these services enrich a gambler’s experience at CryptoGames and make sure his time at the casino was worthwhile. 

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