Airdrops or Crypto Casino Bonuses: what is more profitable?

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You can make money in the crypto market by trading or mining. Another smart way to increase profits, which is usually used in the absence of start-up capital, is AirDrop or free token distribution and the provision of bonuses in crypto casinos. 


Getting money out of nowhere and absolutely free is possible only in the world of cryptocurrencies, where there is such a thing as Airdrop. This is a free distribution of tokens to all current network members as a reward and in a particular proportion or to anyone wishing to register online.

Sometimes, to participate in the distribution program and receive tokens, the client or potential investor must fulfill certain conditions, for example:

  • pass verification
  • subscribe to the newsletter from the project
  • subscribe to the project pages on social networks

There are also exclusive Airdrops. Programs of this type are designed for people who have a well-established history of collaboration or interaction with a particular project.

To participate in the Airdrop and receive cryptocurrency for free, you need to take a few steps:

  1. Create a cryptocurrency wallet if you don’t already have one
  2. Find an appropriate aggregator platform or social media community through which the next Airdrop will be announced
  3. Fulfill the conditions of the project that will distribute the tokens

Regardless of the type of Airdrop, all such projects have one thing in common: free distribution of new coins. In other cases, it is either not an airdrop or a scam. 

Crypto Casino Bonuses

Modern gambling is a robust industry based on huge finances, a multimillion-dollar customer market, and new technologies. Thanks to the Internet, the gaming industry has become dynamic, international, and accessible. Who would have thought that cryptocurrency roulette and virtual sports betting would be available now?

Each crypto casino has its own motivations for users. This helps to attract new customers and retain existing ones. If the casino uses only bitcoin, the gifts are also paid only in bitcoins. 

Crypto bonuses include:

  1. Welcome bonus when registering on the platform
  2. Free bets on certain games
  3. Increasing the amount of the deposit
  4. Freespins
  5. Cashback – a return of the allocated percentage of the bet
  6. Other promotional offers and club loyalty program

Bitcoin casinos sometimes hold tournaments to allow players to receive money from the club and other incentives. The platforms may not have a specific bonus, but instead, they will provide individually designed gifts. 

Let’s look at one of the bonuses, for example, for registration. 

The only thing required of the player is to register on the site by providing the portal with an e-mail. Most likely, the crypto casino will use this e-mail address to send information about new promotions. If you like promos, it’s very convenient. In any case, you can always unsubscribe from the mailing list.

If your goal is to try gambling on a specific site, this will be a great option. After spending a minute or two to register, you will get full access to gambling entertainment.

Here are two ways to get bonus money:

  • Automatic enrollment
  • Use of bonus code

In the first case, the bitcoin casino automatically gives you a gift after creating your profile. It seems more attractive to the user because it does not require additional action. 

Airdrops VS Crypto Casino Bonuses 

These offers in cryptocurrency are intended to give the user a great start so that the player is not afraid to discover a new world. With Airdrops, a person can feel like a full participant in the crypto market, and with crypto casino bonuses as a non-standard player who chooses trendy online casinos.

Both Airdrops and Crypto Casino Bonuses are lucrative elements of the modern world. But we can say that crypto casino bonuses have a slight advantage due to more exciting pastimes. After all, gifts from bitcoin casinos allow players to immerse themselves in the world of excitement at zero cost, choose a game for every taste or even several slots, and get a dose of impressions in the crypto online casino.

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