Airdrop Farmer Might Become Your Next Crypto Job As There’s Strong Demand For It


The cryptocurrency industry has introduced many new ways to make money. It is also a crucial vertical for regular jobs and freelance opportunities. Becoming an airdrop farmer may seem appealing for personal gain, but it is also an in-demand service.

What is An Airdrop Farmer?

Most people familiar with cryptocurrencies know about airdrops. It is an issuance of (new) tokens to users who support specific projects and ecosystems. These rewards can also come from investments and providing key services, such as DEX liquidity, lending liquidity, etc. It is a great way to diversify a crypto portfolio in a relatively passive manner, although it involves some work. 

Several recent airdrops have proven rather lucrative. Optimism airdropped $OP tokens, and Blur issues $BLUR assets, etc. There are still thousands of potential airdrops on the horizon, even if not all projects should issue a native currency. Even so, one could become an airdrop farmer to pick up these “riches” along the way and try to turn those into additional income.

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However, several Telegram channels now provide airdrop farming services. Rather than you becoming the airdrop farmer, you can hire someone else to do so. People are willing to farm all airdrop activities on your behalf in exchange for a fee. As always, there is a chance these people will take your money, and you won’t get anything in return. That is the potential price to pay for convenience and not worrying about keeping tabs on dozens of blockchains and thousands of projects. 

It will become more common to see airdrop farmer offers on the internet. For instance, users on LayerZero could accumulate thousands of dollars in tokens (assuming there will be a future airdrop) for $72. It requires interacting with various protocols and dApps, including Stargate Finance, Mugen Finance, Omni X, and the USDC bridge. Those actions MIGHT provide access to a future airdrop, although that has NOT been confirmed. 

An Intricate System

The airdrop farmer “job” often comes with interesting aspects. When contacting someone in these Telegram groups, they will charge a flat fee per address on the chain to be “made eligible” for potential airdrops. The process comes with specific guidelines and activities. Anything extra will likely cost more money, establishing an interesting service for speculators and hopefuls. 

Moreover, it seems one will “buy” a wallet address on that specific chain, rather than use their own. As such, no private keys are exposed, providing some peace of mind. Customers unlock wallets through a virtual distributed server and can check whether they were used in airdrop farmer activities. If so, they can receive the keys – without exposure to a third party – and wait for the magic to happen. 

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