For many people, achieving financial freedom early in life is an important goal. Thankfully, crypto has made it easier for that to happen. You now have the opportunity to go on your dream vacation or retire early, all because of crypto.

You could even pursue your true passion or start a charity by investing in crypto and earning a passive income. However, you need to carry out in-depth research to find the cryptos that are likely to yield good returns in the long term. It is also not enough to identify coins with huge potential – you need to know when to buy them at the right price. Without adequate knowledge about how the crypto market functions, this could prove difficult for new crypto investors. 

Hence, we have done the necessary research and curated a list of three cryptos that have the potential to give you the financial freedom you desire. They are Mushe Token (XMU), Chainlink (LINK), and Solana (SOL). Here, you’ll find out the uses of these coins and if they are worth the investment.


At the moment, the presale of Mushe Token (XMU) is on, and you can purchase it through the link below. The Mushe token will be used within the Mushe ecosystem to pay for services being created by the Mushe team. There will be a metaverse and a decentralised exchange that will facilitate token swaps and DeFi protocols.

There is a total fixed supply of Mushe tokens, all of which are allocated to the Mushe team and have been vested for the first three months of its launch, and will be released every quarter. Mushe tokens issued to the partners are locked for one year. The reserve capital is also closed for that amount of time.

This displays that the platform has long-term goals, especially with its support of the DeFi space, and its dedication to ensuring transparency and accountability at all levels. 1% of the tokens will be rewarded to all holders. Hence, you can earn passively by holding Mushe tokens (XMU)


Chainlink (LINK) has awarded a joint Chainlink-Filecoin grant to Bela Supernova. Bela Supernova have played an active role in creating an application that sends medical data to Filecoin through Better HMS, a widely adopted hospital management system.

Health data will be stored safely and privately on the Filecoin Network, and public health statistics will be made available on-chain through the Chainlink (LINK) network. Chainlink and Filecoin have created a joint grant initiative to support projects running on both chains. The Chainlink (LINK) token is used within the Chainlink (LINK) ecosystem to assist the integration of on-chain data on the blockchains.


Solana (SOL) was created to support decentralised applications (dApps) and is already supporting DeFi, GameFi, and NFT projects on its network.

One of Solana’s (SOL) most promising features is its high speeds and low costs. Many people switched from Ethereum to Solana (SOL) due to these properties, mainly because the NFT space has become more popular since 2021. There are suggestions that Solana will rise to $1000 by the end of the year.

Be careful not to invest in only one crypto so your portfolio can give you access to multiple income streams. The dollar-cost averaging method should ensure high yields in the future. More information about the Mushe Token is available through the links below.

Mushe (XMU):

Official Website: 

Presale Registration: 




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