AI-Powered Crypto Avorak AI (AVRK) Is Leaving Meme Coins Like Shiba Inu In The Dust

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Meme coins like Dogecoin and Shiba Inu have received a lot of criticism ever since their zealous supporters brought so much traction and propelled them to the top cryptocurrency charts. The new Avorak AI project is drawing more investors, and with the challenges that meme coins face, we’re likely to see more SHIB holders looking to capitalize on AVRK’s likely rise above SHIB over the coming months.

What is Avorak AI and what does it offer?

Avorak AI is a new AI cryptocurrency offering a diverse range of solutions that cater to both commercial and retail requirements. In the field of image creation, Avorak AI utilizes a unique language-to-image process that does not rely on existing artwork, thereby eliminating any unethical practices associated with image scraping. Using language-to-art models, Avorak AI can generate images limitlessly, providing an ethical and innovative choice for image generation.

Avorak AI’s trading solutions are equally innovative, featuring a simple command line input system that is programmable using a standard script, allowing for easy use by both large trading firms and individual retail traders. The Avorak trading system also includes an automated API and a wide range of indicators that utilize overlays and notification systems to alert users of trend or pattern changes. Avorak AI’s text generation system incorporates internet scraping, a prewritten language bank, and plagiarism-detecting APIs, ensuring a clean, plagiarism-free experience for users.

Avorak AI’s worldwide service access is facilitated by its token payment system. The AVRK token is the driver of the Avorak ecosystem. It serves as a means of payment for services and will be required to hold in order to be eligible for a share of the revenue generated by Avorak AI services.

Shiba Inu (SHIB)

SHIB was created in August 2020. The coin was inspired by the Shiba Inu dog breed and has gained popularity due to its association with other popular meme coins like Dogecoin. ShIB’s value has seen significant fluctuations since its creation, and it remains a highly speculative investment option. However, despite its challenges, Shiba Inu has a passionate community of supporters who believe in its potential for growth in the future.

Avorak (AVRK) vs. Shiba Inu (SHIB): Which is better?

Meme tokens have a barrier in that they rely largely on community hype to keep rising. While SHIB undoubtedly still has a large community of supporters, with little real-world utility from the meme coin, it seems unlikely that the project will surpass the levels it achieved in 2021.

There is no question that AVRK provides massive prospects for all investors, and this is probably what has generated tremendous interest in the presale thus far. SHIB may be able to hold on for a little bit longer, but investors seeking better returns on their investments should join in on Avorak’s ICO.

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