After an investment from Animoca Brands, Drunk Robots is ready to launch an IDO on April 7

The biggest drunken brawl of 2022 is about to start! On April 7, the Drunk Robots IDO will bring the metaverse of boozy robots to GameFi, TrustPad, and Liquidifty launchpads. The game has already secured investments from Merit Circle and Animoca Brands. 

3 game modes already live

Welcome to Los Machines, a city ruled by rival gangs of robots. When they are not fighting, they drink beer; and in the rare moments not occupied by booze and violence, they scavenge for loot that was left lying around by humans when they abandoned the city for good.

The world of Drunk Robots is filled with violent fun. In this Play2Earn game, players’ robots can face each other in the Arena and win prizes in $METAL and $JUNK tokens. At the end of each game season, the players at the top of the leaderboard receive additional prizes. 

Another key activity in Drunk Robots is farming virtual plots of land for more tokens. Land can be upgraded to produce more tokens, and the farming efficiency depends on one’s rank. This is another reason to engage in PvP battles to level up one’s robots.

Robots can also scavenge for $JUNK and then spend it to buy containers with weapons and farming equipment. Both scavenging and PvP battles – as well as fun mini-games like Knockout – are already live in the Drunk Robots app, while farming will begin right after the IDO on April 7.

All 10,101 robot NFTs sold out

The whole collection of 10,101 unique robots was sold out months ago on Binance NFT and Liquidifty. Luckily, it’s still possible to buy them in the secondary market in closed containers: depending on the container size, it can hide one or more robots and various equipment. 

Every robot is different. There are 4 ranks of rarity and around 20 features, such as weapons held in the right and left hand, hair, shield type, costume, and so on. Robots can be equipped with bazookas, flamethrowers, wrenches, whips, and dozens of other accessories. 

Both robots’ skills and equipment can be upgraded in order to win more battles and farm more tokens. This makes the gameplay particularly engaging, as users have a great reason to fight and farm to get more tokens.

Apart from being well-equipped, the robots are also exquisitely designed. Far from the pixelated characters found in most P2E games, they are richly detailed and very cinematic. 

How to use $METAL

The team of Drunk Robots came up with a smooth flow of $METAL tokens that will keep the game economy vibrant and sustainable in the long-term. As noted above, users can accumulate $METAL through battles, season leaderboard awards, and farming (both in-game land farming and yield farming). They will also receive $METAL when selling robots and accessories in the marketplace. 

$METAL is used to upgrade one’s rarity, battle equipment, land and farming units, as well as to buy $JUNK in-game tokens (which, in turn, are needed to buy raffle tickets). Also, users can pay some $METAL to re-roll (change) their opponent in a battle or to add slots to their fighting squad. 

Drunk Robots runs on the fast and efficient BSC blockchain, and $METAL is a BEP-20 token. 

10+ confirmed partnerships, including Animoca Brands

Drunk Robots boasts an exceptional network of backers and strategic partners, including:

  • Animoca Brands, one of the leading blockchain gaming portfolio companies;
  • Merit Circle, a premiere crypto gaming guild;
  •, a top-10 crypto exchange;
  • Dex Ventures, a blockchain fund whose portfolio includes Polkadot, Woo, CasperLabs, and IPFS; 
  • Liquidifty, a cross-chain platforms bringing value to NFTs through vaults and oracles; Moonrock Capital, a blockchain investment partnership that backed Kylin, Terra Virtua, and Persistence;
  •, a secure crypto exchange; 
  • Shima Capital, a fund that invested in 1inch, Klima DAO, and Bloktopia.

The support of these and other partners allowed Drunk Robots to release several working game products (such as PvP battles) and build a community of over 100,000 members ahead of the IDO. The project has over 40k followers on Twitter alone.

IDO details: $METAL at $0.01 on any of the 3 launchpads

The IDO of Drunk Robots will be held on April 7 on three platforms:

1) Liquidifty: 5,000,000 $METAL allocation. This is the easiest option to participate in the IDO, as buyers need to stake just $600 worth of GAS tokens to get access to the FCFS (first come, first served) IDO round. The platform doesn’t require a KYC.

2) GameFi. 15,000,000 $METAL have been allocated for this leading gaming and metaverse launchpad. Users need to wager at least 20 GAFI tokens to get a lottery ticket with a chance to access the IDO. For a guaranteed allocation, at least $130k in GAFI is needed. All users are required to pass a KYC.

3) TrustPad. 5,000,000 $METAL are allocated to this IDO launchpad, and users will need to deposit at least 3,000 TPAD to get a lottery ticket – or 15,000 TPAD for guaranteed access to the IDO. A KYC is also required.

The token will be listed on and PancakeSwap on April 8. Immediately after the IDO, buyers will be able to claim 10% of their tokens, while the remainder will be unlocked in 15% batches every month. 

The fun and provocative premise of Drunk Robots, together with high-quality design and strong partnerships, make it one of the most attractive gaming IDOs of Q2 2022. Detailed tokenomics, robot collections, and the game itself are available on the official website.

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