After a 100% profit for Oryen. It seems ready to join Tamadoge, Fantom, and Shiba Inu to rally in 2023


Altcoins are ready to tear. The election of Rishi Sunak as British prime minister- a man who openly stated he wants to make the United Kingdom a crypto hub- and the FED telegraphing a slowdown in interest rate hikes has created bullish sentiment.

The FED slowing down rates marks the beginning of the transition from quantitative tightening to quantitative easing and opens the door for markets to make a staggering rally. A new protocol Oryen has surged 100% and looks primed to join Tamadoge, Fantom, and Shiba Inu, all pinned to make startling rallies in 2023. 


Oryen‘s price surge appears to be the beginning of a far more significant rally. The market slowly digests the protocol’s true value proposition, and on-chain transactional data shows increasing investment. Oryen offers market-leading stable returns paying investors a fixed rate of 90% APY. 

The Oryen Autostaking Technic (OAT) system powers the ecosystem and blends game theory, sophisticated mathematics, and smart contracts into an economic motor. It channels the revenue from buy and sell taxes through the protocol building the treasury, enriching the liquidity pool, and creating the RFV (Risk-Free Value) wallet. The RFV exists as a separate wallet within the OAT system designed as a liquidity reserve, deployable in volatile market conditions to stabilize ORY’s price. Early investors backing this new small-cap protocol have an exciting ride ahead, and favorable market tailwinds set the stage for outrageous gains.


Tamadoge is a meme coin packed with utility. The exact type of token that flies in bullish market sentiment. Tamadoge is the native currency of the Tamaverse, and this play-to-earn model features NFTs that investors can breed and battle. The top-ranked competitors receive an allocation from the monthly prize pool. Set to list on several centralized exchanges between now and 2023, Tamadgoe holders have bullish months ahead. 


Fantom has seen a significant retracement throughout the bear market. The native token, FTM, has always been highly volatile. Its ecosystem mirrors the token’s nature featuring some of the best but most high-risk DApps, such as Tomb Finance, Solidex, and Liquid Driver.

FTM’s retracement means an excellent entry point, and when DeFi enters its next expansionary phase, FTM will begin tearing through the rankings again. 

Shiba Inu 

Shiba Inu launched to rival the famous meme coin Dogecoin and branded itself as the ‘DOGECOIN KILLER.’ Shiba Inu’s developers built an ecosystem around the token and even introduced two more tokens: BONE & LEASH.

ShibaSwap, the native decentralized exchange, allows investors to earn with all three ecosystem constituents. When market sentiment reverses, and a new influx of investors purchase crypto, many will be influenced by this token’s hype, and SHIB will make another eyewatering rally. 

Closing Thoughts 

Altcoin season is getting closer. Some altcoins will easily do 20X, some 50X, and a few will do 100X. Investors need to buy now before the market reverses, now is the point of maximum financial opportunity.

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