Adult Themed NFTs are Available on PancakeSwap, Thanks to Tease

CryptoMode Tease Adutl NFTs

Blockchain is a novel technology that seems to have unlimited applications. Though not new, NFTs have really taken off this year and have progressed a lot from the cute kittens they were first used for. As the second quarter of 2021 nears its end, Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs) are still going strong. The industry had swelled to $2 billion in size in Q1, representing a 21 fold increase from the end of last year.

When one thinks of NFT, the most used applications that come to mind are the art and music industry, thanks to multi million sales such as Beeple’s $69 million digital imagery being auctioned by Christie’s. However, NFTs are more than just that. These can be used in different industries and thanks to Tease, people can enjoy adult themed NFTs.

With its NFTs being launched on Binance Smart Chain’s PancakeSwap, Adult content platform Tease helps adult entertainers access a global market. This will enable adult content creators and the NFT holders to buy and sell their unique tokens that represent adult themed art, video clips and other items at the international level.

What is Tease

Through the use of NFTs, Tease gives its users the ability to unlock the true value of their contents instead of relying on different distributors or online adult websites to earn. In a traditional setup, the content creators depend on intermediaries that pay the creators one time for the content, but can resell or put it up for subscription and earn millions from it.

An outdated study in 2006 revealed that the adult industry was $12 billion in size. While not much is available for recent times, it can be only assumed that the industry has increased in size. With hundreds of thousands of creators that actually make the adult art and are forced to sell it off for peanuts, robbing them of their hard earned money for years, Tease is a platform that not only gives them freedom, but does it in a way where the creators have their name stamped on their content forever.

Artists and actors can create custom made galleries on the Tease platform and offer previews for buyers. The viewers have the option of either viewing the content they like during a pre-defined time or buy it outright, owning that piece. The time based option means the creator can repeatedly earn from “renting” it out or sell it off completely to any interested buyer.

The TEASE, an Adult NFT

Using NFTs, content creators can assign the unique digital token to every art they create. In case someone wants to buy the creation, they can pay for the NFT and in that way are assured that they are the owner of the piece and there isn’t anything else like it. The viewing option gives adult stars a subscription model and a constant stream of earning.

Based on blockchain, Tease does away with any kind of middlemen such as managers, distributors or other intermediaries who would otherwise eat into the profits. At the same time, the transparency of transactions means that Tease gives credit where due and all records are made public so buyers and sellers can make sure that they are receiving what they paid and asked for.

TEASE also serves as a governance token and token holders can vote on different content, such as exclusive access to premium content. The voting serves more than just a way to get the best content uploaded. A community conscious platform, the intervention of the public will enable Tease to combat any child pornograpghy, a serious issue today in the industry.

NFTs are a class of crypto assets where each token is unique due to the fact that they represent something that is one of a kind.

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