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Adappter($ADP): Reliable Blockchain Content-Based Reward Platform

What problem is the Adappter Platform trying to solve and what is $ADP?

Adappter Project is based on a ‘Reward Platform’ using R2E (Read To Earn), T2E (Time To Earn), and P2E (Play To Earn), which aims to become a global portal platform that links various partners in the ecosystem, and let every joyful moment makes value. Adappter expands the ecosystem through running the media, community, and content-based reward platforms for various categories such as blockchain, games, K-WAVE(Hallyu), fintech, beauty, and sports.

The Adappter Platform acts as an intermediary for eco-system contents partners through blockchain. and it establishes a user activity compensation system through the AP (Activity Point) generated in the Adappter Platform, Through the decentralization of the blockchain, rewards for user contributions can be fairly distributed. it will realize fair distribution of companies and users by using reliable user data and contributes to the entry and growth of industry and content.

$ADP is a Token published by Adappter Project operated based on the Ethereum platform (ERC20) and used as a critical currency in the Adappter eco-system. AP (Activity Point) which was received as compensation for partner contents mentioned above, can be converted to $ADP after the season end and will continue for 20 years. It will provide real-life payment functions for purchasing goods, items, and products in the future.

$ADP Token Overview

Token Name: $ADP

Total Supply: 10,000,000,000

Total Circulation: 915,283,033.00

Smart Contract: 0xc314b0e758d5ff74f63e307a86ebfe183c95767b

Coinstore Listing:

Trading Pair: ADP/USDT

Trading Time: 25 August 2022, 13:00 (UTC+8)

Withdrawal Time: 25 August 2022, 13:00 (UTC+8)

What does the Adappter Eco-System include?

Adappter blockchain contents reward platform

The Adappter service a blockchain content reward platform that provides R2E(Read To Earn) which you could read the information about the Blockchain Specialized Global Contents and earn Reward. It has already built and designed from Season 1(2 weeks) to Season 520(20 years) of Adappter League. 

Adappter Wallet

Adappter Wallet is an official wallet service that is the basis of the Adappter ecosystem, and allows you to safely send and receive digital assets and NFTs. Adappter Wallet is a multi-chain wallet that can manage multiple Cryptoassets.

We support various chains such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Klaytn and add more chains through updates.

By using the Adappter wallet, you can conveniently use blockchain-based services such as management of game items & numerous DApps linked to the Adappter ecosystem. Adappter Wallet adopts a decentralized method that does not store wallet information and transaction records on a separate server to provide its service to users free of charge. It can create and invoke wallets safely through the Mnemonic authentication method.

Adappter League

The Adappter League is held every season for two weeks for 20 years, and it is a system in which ADP is paid fairly and transparently according to the contribution level of activities after measuring APs acquired by participants. 

What is the Utility of $ADP ?

ADP (ERC20 tokens): 

  • Issued as the operating medium for smart contracts are operated separately. 
  • $ADP can be traded between individuals, $ADP can be obtained through distribution according to contribution level in each season (every two weeks) and if each user holds $ADP the season will progress and additional ADP can be obtained. 
  • Users can purchase content items and products with $ADP. 
  • Advertisers must purchase $ADP to execute advertisements.

What is the $ADP Token Distribution?

The Adappter’s Official Media

Website | Whitepaper | Telegram | Twitter Official Media

Website | Twitter | Discord | Telegram

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