There are a lot of interesting global developments to take note of during this novel coronavirus crisis. Bitcoin is rebounding nicely, and actions by the Federal Reserve will only make this crypto asset look even more appealing.

The Federal Reserve is imposing some very serious changes.

Federal Reserve Pushes Bitcoin Adoption

Addressing the current financial pressure is a very problematic measure.

It seems there is only one response to this particular problem: quantitative easing.

In layman’s terms, this means printing unlimited amounts of fiat currency to keep everything afloat.

It helps devalue the US Dollar in the process, but that is seemingly far less of a concern.

The “infinite amount of cash” narrative is never popular with anyone.

More specifically, the people who will be affected by these changes will not be happy.

Those who make the decisions, on the other hand, won’t notice any real difference due to their sheer wealth.

Why the Federal Reserve hammers on the “infinite cash” angle, remains to be determined.

It is seemingly a way of expressing how they are “better” than any other central bank, even though the measures achieve the complete opposite. 

For Bitcoin, this narrative is perfect.

It will drive more people to alternative assets, rather than stocks, bonds, and the US Dollar. 

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