Across the Univers: How Metaverse Interoperability is Crucial to Create a Virtual Paradise

CryptoMode Univers Metaverse

Orbis Non Satis. The world is not enough. To metaverse devotees, prophets of the coming digital communion, the opportunity for a transcendent virtual reality to overlay on top of the physical is more than just the dreams of sci-fi stargazers. 

To them, the metaverse offers a new paradise, a world the users can sculpt in their own image. An endless reality-space that can forever blossom outwards on infinite digital highways, a world of possibility where users can reclaim value over their enterprise, moulding new experiences for other denizens of the metascape to enjoy.

How Centralised Entities Threaten the Metaverse

Yet there is a persistent threat to this dream. Just as Web2 was colonised by massive corporate entities who ended up capturing most of the value flowing through it, so the incipient metaverse is already under threat from centralised entities trying to do the same thing. 

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In the dream of the metaverse, it is one, interoperable, ever-expanding, community-owned world, where all can enter as equals and find their place. In reality, corporations are racing – like a Snow Crash fever dream – to set up their own wirelocked metaverse, that must be engaged with on their terms and with their profit motives in mind.

The Need for Metaverse Infrastructure

What’s needed is the infrastructure to set up interoperable metaverses that can commune and interact with one another, and break the fetters of corporate hegemony. This is one of the fabled promises of the new cross-chain purpose of the blockchain, and an essential part of how Web3 reimagines value. 

Univers is that infrastructure. Univers is a set of tools that help developers create and build metaverses and connect them to others. It aims to set up a community that is present at the ground-floor of metaverse building, and who earn through the decisions they make on its behalf, and their participation in crafting the direction of the metaverse. 

How Choose-to-Earn Benefits Metaverse Members

Univers participants benefit from Choose-to-Earn. They are awarded $VRS, Univers token, simply for voting and help make the decisions that will define the future metaverse to come. The more they vote, the larger the decisions they will be called upon to make. Choose-to-Earn is a DeFi mechanism that rewards participation and choice above all else, with tokens auto-staked when they are awarded.

Univers is attempting to harness its community towards the execution in (virtual) reality of three core principles: decentralisation, interoperability, and freedom of choice. In practice, this is chasing the goal of asset-liberalisation and true and fair exchange of value across all metaverse ecosystems, and the ability to take your asset or your experience from one metaverse into the next. Rather than having a stilted, broken experience, Univers aims to connect all metaverses both within and without its ecosystem so value, enterprise and imagination can run free.

How Univers Helps New Projects Build

To help build these metaverses, Univers is developing an SDK (software development kit) for creators to be able to more easily birth their visions in digital life. The toolset helps with player authorization, saving and reading data, and helping the smart contracts that underpin metaverse life function effectively and appropriately. It enables games to connect to the blockchain and take advantage of the value-accrual possibilities inherent in Play to Earn gaming quickly and efficiently.

A Shared Community; A Shared Vision

Univers also wants to be a space for metaverse thought-leaders to find their voice. Univers Client Gatherings will be a custom-made arena and toolkit for setting up and hosting digital conferences to bring together like-minded adventures of our new shared reality. By fostering a powerful community of thinkers, giving them the ability to create their own events, and making it easy for new voices to be heard, Univers will create a place where innovation can thrive and the latest advances can be discussed.

Running all this will be the Univers DAO. In line with the values of decentralisation and autonomy, the Univers DAO will be open to all who help craft the new world. It will make decisions about how the hub will operate, how the SDK will help developers, and what bridges between metaverses to build next.

Reclaim the Universe

Univers is in an embryonic state. Yet they know they need to grow fast in order to counter the fear that corporations and the dead hand of Zuck won’t pollute the heaven that we, the people, are making for ourselves. By establishing an infrastructure and ecosystem that allows metaverses – and the users who make it what it is – to connect and create shared value distributed to all. It’s an essential mission, a chance to retain and claim the autonomy that is vital for the creation of a world better than what we have. It will be a long road, but if Univers is successful, the reward at the end will make it all worthwhile.

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