Access the Sport Infinity (ISPORT) presale – the future of the esport industry


Currently, with the inclusion proposed by Web3 through a much more inclusive and collaborative operation,more and more platforms are emerging as a result of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies; That is why today we will be talking about an ecosystem of platforms with strong bases in the decentralization proposed by Web3 to transform the video game industry.

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What is Sport Infinity and how does it work?

As Web3’s most important video game ecosystem, Sport Infinity is more than just a “play to earn” gaming platform, as it can offer a wide range of services, ranging from, a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, an NFT-based virtual gaming platform, a decentralized betting platform, a marketplace and a staking platform.

Sport Infinity has strong foundations in the metaverse and uses a balanced remuneration methodology thanks to blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies to rewarding users through its native token ($ISPORT), which is currently in pre-sale at a cost of $0.0017 per token and will have a final round in a few months at a cost of $0.02 multiplied by 10 times the investors’ capital of the current round.

You may be wondering, should I invest in Sport Infinity?

Considering the macroeconomic situation in which we find ourselves, with financial markets that do not seem to be getting back on their feet,it becomes incredibly effective to find projects in the most important industries for the future, such as video games and the Metaverse,The latter is expected to increase to $5 trillion in the next few years.

To conclude,

With a growing industry currently valued at some $21 billion, the video game industry has a significant potential for revaluation for the coming years in which the Metaverse will also be a fundamental pillar in the way we interact virtually, in open spaces and with dynamic economies that can reward all users.

So if you want to invest in Web3 and the Metaverse, Sport Infinity could be a great option going forward. If you want to participate in the next pre-sale round, access the following link now.

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