Abra Thinks Tron Isn’t Suited for Payments nor Alternative Finance


Not all cryptocurrencies and digital assets are a great fit for every use case. Most of them can serve as a payment tool, but few have use cases beyond that aspect.

A new infographic shared by Abra paints a very interesting picture in this regard.

Abra has Interesting Opinions on Altcoins

The team attributes most of the potential use cases to Bitcoin, Digitbyte, and TRON.

No currency checks all of the six “aspects” the company highlights as crucial in this industry. 

As far as utilizing assets for payments is concerned, some interesting projects are not included in this segment.

Abra excludes stablecoins, Tron, Basic Attention Token, Cardano, and Decred from this particular feature.

That seems to confirm those assets all serve different use cases, but not necessarily in the payments space.

Bitcoin is also considered a store of value, along with Bitcoin Cash, whereas Bitcoin SV doesn’t check this box.

The same goes for virtually all other assets on the market, except for Cardano, Dash, and Tron.

Another interesting finding is how very few provide actual privacy, as that list only includes a handful of projects.

Ultimately, most of these currencies were created to provide alternative finance of sorts.

Very few of the coins in this image fit that bill, but they all serve at least one other purpose in 2019 and beyond. 

This goes to show how Abra acknowledges how every project has its place, but not necessarily as a Bitcoin competitor. 

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