Aavegotchi 2023 Roadmap Focuses On Player Growth And Further Decentralization

Blockchain gaming remains a crucial Web3 pillar to monitor. Several titles have noted substantial success and expect to ramp up growth for 2023. The recently unveiled Aavegotchi roadmap has some exciting elements to keep an eye on.

The State of Aavegotchi Today

It has proven tricky for blockchain gaming entrants to retain users and build continual success. Titles like Axie Infinity got off to a hot start in play-to-earn, but its developer was forced to launch a free-to-play version to rekindle momentum. Other projects, like Aavegotchi, remain enjoyable for people looking to explore crypto collectibles, decentralized finance, and gamification. However, it currently ranks 41st across all blockchain games and remains the 18th most actively used dApp on the Polygon network. 


Over the past month, Aavegotchi welcomed 3,160 unique active wallets. That is a near 7% MoM dip, although that isn’t unusual in blockchain gaming. On the upside, its transactions – +8.1% – and volume – +208% – saw healthy growth. Players remain committed to this ecosystem, and the recently unveiled 2023 roadmap gives people something to look forward to. 

The 2023 Roadmap 

Two major pillars stand out in the Aavegotchi roadmap: boosting player growth and enhancing the game’s decentralized nature. Achieving both goals is possible through a dedicated approach to bringing more games and features to the ecosystem. New additions can attract more players and help expand the ecosystem’s appeal. In addition, the team aims to make the onboarding process more accessible. 

The decentralization of Aavegotchi will continue through its DAO. It is an active Decentralized Autonomous Organization with healthy participation statistics. Although the DAO is subject to “gradual decentralization”, things have progressed relatively smoothly. The team wants to capitalize on that growth in 2023 and ensure the Aavegotchi NFT Gaming protocol is managed by the community later this year. However, several final puzzle pieces must fall into place before that can happen.

The first objective is setting up a legal entity for the Aavegotchi DAO. It will be incorporated as a Cayman foundation in the first half of 2023. Second, the DAO will receive on-chain smart contract execution later this year. Opting for an on-chain solution moves the project away from delegated execution. Third, the AavegotchiDAO will embrace decentralized workflows. That ensures more transparency regarding work done and payments. Research has been done regarding Dework and Wonderverse, although it isn’t clear if either solution will be used for that process.

Another core change – pending DAO vote – is ending the $GHST bonding curve. Although that bonding curve has been part of Aavegotchi for almost two and a half years, things have changed. The bonding curve generates sustainable revenue for the project developers, but its coupling with DAI is a potentially existential threat. MakerDAO, the issuer of DAI, has some issues they need to sort out. As such, the “link” to MakerDAO is a liability. A DAO vote will determine if the curve should be shut down, making $GHST a free-floating token. 

Supernet And More Games

Aavegotchi is one of the successful dApps running on the Polygon network. However, that success may cause instability for Polygon, resulting in high gas fees and transaction congestion. One solution to that problem is Supernet technology. In essence, projects can launch a Supernet to have a dedicated network for transactions. However, only eligible developers can deploy contracts. 

The Aavegotchi team expects Supernet to be a welcome addition to the project. It is a promising infrastructure to launch more games and applications tied to the broader ecosystem. In addition, it enables the team to use $GHST for on-chain activity via Supernet technology. It is worth noting the deployment to a separate network won’t affect the minting of Aavegotchi assets. Those can be bridged to the “Gotchichain” afterward. 

Last but not least, Gotchi fans can expect an expansion of the Gotchiverse, including questing, Estates, etc. Solid progress has been made on 3D rendering the metaverse as well. The community can expect a cross-platform mobile survival game later in 2023. It is the first flagship title coming to the Gotchichain, and currently exists under the “Gotchi Guardians” title. 

Following the successful integration of Aavegotchis into metaverses and games, the team hopes to do more of the same throughout 2023. It is an exciting era for blockchain gaming, and industry partnerships may become more crucial than ever. 

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