Aave (AAVE) and Near Protocol (NEAR) Remain Stable, DigiToads (TOADS) Continues To Be a Big Hit Among Investors


While Aave (AAVE) and Near Protocol (NEAR) reclaim their market stability, DigiToads (TOADS) is a meme coin project with the best ICO of 2023.

Cryptocurrencies are a novel and fascinating technology with the potential to transform the global economy. While many cryptocurrencies stand in the shadow today due to a flooded market, the top crypto coins tend to separate themselves from the pack with their promising features and growth potential.

DigiToads, a new crypto project in the competitive market, has solidified its position among these top projects in 2023 with a record-breaking presale success and practical features that make it a step ahead of meme coins revolving only around their meme trends. Aave and Near Protocol, at the same time, are already launched crypto projects that saw their fair share of struggle but managed to reclaim their upward trend with the launch of new features and updates.

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While DigiToads is a play-to-earn and stake-to-earn project introducing various revenue-generating features for investors, what speaks volumes about the value and growth potential of this project is its early presale success. While the project is currently in its Lilypad 7 presale stage, it has already sold more than 300M of $TOADS out of the 405.35M allotted TOADS tokens for presale and community bonuses. The total token supply of TOADS is set to be 585M.

Another noteworthy aspect of this project is the fast-growing DigiToads online community. As a new meme coin project attracting investors, it not only adds to the usage and value of $TOADS tokens for the investors but also introduces them to exciting contests and learning opportunities to help strengthen the DigiToads. Following this approach, the project has already become a family of 14.3K on Twitter.

DigiToads also contributes 10% of the cash raised to monthly airdrops for token holders, ensuring that the community shares DigiToads’ success and growth. As part of its emphasis on participating in a real-world cause, the project pledges to donate 2.5% of sales to organizations dedicated to reforestation and rainforest preservation.

The project also plans to create “The Swamp,” an immersive virtual world in which the DigiToads community can connect, communicate, and explore. Offering more than just an opportunity to seek profitable returns, this meme coin project is set to create a digital world where the community and investors can benefit indefinitely as the project grows. Within the DigiToads ecosystem, the metaverse has enormous potential for social interaction, creativity, and economic prospects.

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Aave (AAVE) is an Ethereum token that supports Aave, a non-custodial decentralized money market system in which users can participate as depositors or borrowers.

Currently priced at $64.53, AAVE is 49th in the entire crypto ecosystem. Aave has a circulation supply of $929,332,505.53 and a market cap of 14,402,541 AAVE. In the last week of May, AAVE was on an upward trend, growing by 0.73%.

Near Protocol

Near Protocol is a public Proof-of-Stake (PoS) blockchain designed to be user-friendly, with features such as human-readable account names and the ability for new users to interact with dApps and smart contracts without needing a wallet.

While these features already made the project strong, launching the NEAR network, an ambitious campaign to leapfrog the crypto game and lay the basis for Web 3.0, has brought great attention to the project. The project is now ranked 38th among all cryptocurrencies, with a market capitalization of USD 1,483,876,956.


DigiToads is a fully packaged project that connects its investors with every aspect of the crypto and Web3 world. From an immersive play-to-earn game to the best NFT collection, NFT staking feature, charitable contribution, trading contests, meme mascot contests, and a blasting native token in its presale.

With much to offer, TOADS has gathered investor attention as a high-potential cryptocurrency. AAVE and NEAR, at the same time, are recording their stable market growth this year.

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