A Russian Individual Tried to Infect Tesla With Ransomware and Failed

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Ransomware attacks are incredibly prevalent, especially where US companies are concerned. Even Tesla has been targeted by such an attack, although it wasn’t too successful. Elon Musk recently clarified a few things regarding this incident.

Tesla Thwarts a Ransomware Attack

US Companies note a strong uptick as far as ransomware attacks are concerned.

Given their lackluster IT security, it is likely these numbers will keep on rising over the coming few months. 

Elon Musk recently clarified a recent cybersecurity incident affecting Tesla. 

The incident is considered to be “serious”, although no official damage has been done in the process. 

A malware attack against the company based out of Sparks.Nevada, was made public earlier this week.

Although the report does not mention Tesla by name, it didn’t take much effort to put one and one together. 

According to the Justice Department, the ransomware attack is carried out by a Russian national.

He aimed to bridge and recruit a Tesla employee to infect the company’s network with malware. 

This strain of malware is designed to infect the network with ransomware, encrypting files, and attempting to steal crucial company data.

According to some sources, the Russian criminal offered up to $1 million to the Tesla employee.

After informing the company about this meeting, the FBI took over the operation to arrest the Russian individual. 

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