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A New Trade Plan Has Been Implemented on the ABBC Trade Portal To Help Users Maximize Their Earnings

Just today, the ABBC Foundation announced that the current trade plan with 300% BUSD rewards has already expired and a new ABBC Trade plan has been implemented. In the few weeks since its launch, the ABBC Trade portal has shown a lot of potential for helping cryptocurrency investors maximize their crypto earnings.

As part of this new plan, users who intend to trade their ABBC coins will receive 200% worth of BUSD rewards. It is even more exciting that interested users can trade at least 100 BUSD worth of ABBC without a maximum limit.

What is more, users will be more enticed to refer their friends and family to subscribe to an ABBC Trade plan as the ABBC Foundation has decided to increase the percentage of referral rewards to 15%. These BUSD referral rewards can be claimed by referrers who have invited friends to subscribe to a plan.

This new plan is applicable to both new and existing users who will trade their ABBC coins. Meanwhile, existing users who have subscribed to the previous plan will still receive 300% BUSD rewards until they have completed the plan’s full 365 days.

In the previous ABBC Trade plan, subscribers can trade ABBC coins and claim 300% BUSD rewards weekly over the course of 365 days. Furthermore, referrers were able to claim 7% BUSD rewards based on their referees’ ABBC Trade subscription amount.

The ABBC Foundation is committed to keeping the ABBC Community informed about the latest developments not just in the latest portal, but in all projects integrated into its ecosystem. Inquiries about the ABBC Trade portal’s new trade plan can be directed to, which is available 24/7.

ABBC Foundation encourages users to read the ABBC Trade user manual before signing up and subscribing to the plan and follow all the official ABBC social media accounts for the latest updates.

About ABBC Foundation

ABBC Foundation is the organization that maintains the best interests of ABBC Coin. Based in Dubai, the foundation utilizes its strategic location—being at the epicenter of blockchain and cryptocurrency adoption – to pave the way for the future of payment security.

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