A Mysterious Bitcoin Cash Block Took Over 5 Hours to Mine

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Some issues became apparent on the Bitcoin Cash network yesterday. Albeit nothing groundbreaking happened, no blocks were produced for over five hours.

That is a very interesting development, even though there is plenty of hashpower pointed at the network.

Odd Bitcoin Cash Network Behavior

It is not the first time a crypto network suddenly increases the time between blocks for no apparent reason.

However, those are usually temporary issues or inaccurate reporting by a block explorer.

In this particular case, the cause of the problem remains relatively unclear. 

The next network block also appeared a bit weird, all things considered.

A block of roughly 2.3MB in size was minted, confirming there were ample transactions waiting to be picked up by miners.

With the underpinning mining difficulty algorithm, a dropoff in hashpower by a flock of miners should not cause too many problems.

For now, speculation continues to run wild as to what is going on with the Bitcoin Cash network exactly.

Since this incident, everything has resumed as normal, almost as if nothing happened. 

On Reddit, some people wonder if such a crypto project should even have a high market cap like BCH.

That will depend on the supply and the price people are willing to pay per BCH. 

It is evident that these discussions will remain prevalent for quite some time to come.

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