A Look at the Growing Crypto IRA Space


With cryptocurrency increasingly receiving more attention, many organizations are driving the development of practical applications for crypto to demystify the asset class for investors. 


Software platform iTrustCapital crafts its business around an American retirement mainstay: the individual retirement account, or IRA. With the tax advantages* that Traditional, Roth, and SEP IRAs offer, cryptocurrency investors can use their iTrustCapital account to buy and sell assets tax-free* within their IRA.  


The Crypto IRA space has continued to evolve in recent years. iTrustCapital itself has experienced rapid growth since its inception in 2018. Coming off the heels of a Series A round that saw the Company’s valuation exceed $1.3 billion USD, the Company recently announced that its software platform has surpassed $5 billion USD in crypto IRA transactions. 


iTrustCapital’s crypto transaction volume has grown by 60% in just nine months. CEO Todd Southwick attributes this growth to “increased awareness of tax advantaged* IRAs and the multitude of benefits they can bring to active crypto investors.”


*Some taxes and conditions may apply.


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