A Healthier World With Music & Web3

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Author Bio: Macko the project manager for GOOD DEED, is a leading producer and MC in the Japanese club music scene, having hosted over 7,000 hip-hop parties across Japan to date. He specializes in bringing his marketing and branding strategies to other industries. Macko was previously in charge of marketing for Chilliz Japan, a prominent crypto project that has partnered with prestigious soccer clubs such as Barcelona, AC Milan, and Juventus, as well as other sporting organizations including the UFC.

The Power of Web3, Often Underestimated

Web3 is something that can thoroughly change the world as we know it today. Similar to music, it’s a game-changer whose potential is still lost on most people. Web3 enables developers to create decentralized applications that are accessible to anyone, anytime, and anywhere. It provides users with all the tools necessary for building interactive and global communities and transforming the lives of individuals all over the world. 

With Web3, we can finally create the permissionless and decentralized world that the Internet initially promised us in the previous century. But that’s not all. It also leverages blockchain technology to introduce cryptocurrencies, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs). The outcome is community-oriented and user-centric ecosystems, completely free from intermediaries. Moreover, it allows for seamless and tamper-proof automation, thus enhancing digital security and ownership through smart contracts.

The current problem, however, is that most people tend to regard blockchain-based digital assets as being financial instruments for making a quick profit – just like they consider music as only being a means for making people feel better. But NFTs, for one, are worth much more than the profits they generate. Similarly, DAOs enable novel ways of running and governing organizations without the traditional hierarchies. 

By combining the power of NFTs and DAOs, it’s possible to create new-age businesses that are strongly grounded in the beliefs of their users’ community. In fact, several Web3 projects have already had an immense social impact, despite starting out as a small team of developers. DAOs can also generate income by selling NFTs and other digital assets, which makes for equitable business models.

Web3 Takes Music Higher

Combining Web3 and music can help us achieve unimaginable highs. Good Deed is expressly dedicated to this goal, spreading awareness about the goodness of Hiphop and Reggae. 

This project pushes to spread the good points about  Hiphop and Reggae, which is becoming somewhat commonplace nowadays. The groundbreaking part, however, is that it uniquely leverages Web3 for this purpose. This platform is one of a kind because it believes in educating the global  Hiphop and Reggae music lovers’ community about NFTs and DAOs. The idea is to form the basis for sustainable change.

Japanese artists and Hiphop and Reggae music aficionados have come together to collaborate on this project. The founders have deep expertise in diverse fields, including music, marketing, cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and DAOs. 

Web3 can help elevate the status of Hiphop and Reggae music, in addition to enabling transformative opportunities for the industry – taking music higher, so to speak. And if this NFT is successful, future generations will benefit immensely from the positive effects of music. It will be a healthier world, escaping out of poverty, ultimately with less stress, more relaxation, and greater productivity.

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