A Guide to Better Sleep

guide to sleep

Are the seams on your sheets fraying? Does your pillowcase still smell after a wash? If your sheets are wearing thin, it’s time to buy some new bedding. The bedsheet market is vast. Here’s how you, as a customer, can get the most return out of your bedding investment.


The first factor to consider is material. Polyester is the cheapest, but the fabric is non breathable, which can be uncomfortable in warm seasons. Linen is breathable, but it’s more expensive than other fabrics of the same quality. Cotton is a popular favorite for its combination of comfort and affordability. Within cotton, there’s a variety of fabric quality. Any thread count above 250 tends to be durable enough for most people’s needs.


Beyond material and fabric quality, there’s color to consider. The best color is a matter of personal preference. Whites are easiest to clean, but dark colors hide stains best.

Guide to Sheets: The Ultimate Guide to Bedding
Source: PizunaLinens.com

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