A Fork Is The Last Thing Internet Computer (ICP) Needs Right Now

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Internet Computer (ICP) remains one of the more popular cryptocurrencies on the market today. It is an exciting market that has seen some wild price swings in recent weeks. Unfortunately, a new proposal by the DFinity team – the developers of ICP – leaves the community divided, as it is somewhat controversial at best.

Should Internet Computer Fork?

There are many different opinions on the current Internet Protocol venture and whether it is a good project. Those who are in it for the price will not be too happy by the recent market performance, although that was somewhat to be expected. The ICP price is still down by over 93% from its all-time high recorded on May 10th. Moreover, the all-time low is not that far off either, creating somewhat of uneasy market sentiment.

Making matters a lot more intriguing is the recent proposal by Dominic Willians, founder of Dfinity, who is behind the Internet Computer project. Per Willians, the goal is to create a fork of the existing project. A strange decision, given how the main project has not been active for that long. Forking the project into something else entirely is always an option but can create bad blood among investors.

Referred to as “Badlands”, the fork will be a sister network to Internet Computer and be cross-compatible. However, the new project will have a native BDL token, which is then to be airdropped to current ICP holders. A part of the Badlands’ token is sold through a crowd sale to help fund future research and development. To many, it seems as if the original project is dead in the water following this announcement, even though that isn’t the case.

There is also the question of whether a fork is necessary. The team can modify the current Internet Computer ecosystem and turn it into the Badlands vision. Forking the code to create a “spin-off” seems controversial. Moreover, one can argue that Badlands can always serve as a subnet, rather than a “competing” blockchain.

The Drama Continues

What makes all of this even more interesting is how the Internet Computer developers don’t see eye-to-eye. While Williams wants to fork the code and create a new blockchain, Jordan last opposes the idea. In his opinion, Badlands needs to e a subnet at best, allowing it to support and enhance the original protocol. 

At the same time, one has to acknowledge the ICP token launch wasn’t great. The Dfinity team hid some aspects from investors and forced vesting schedules upon seed investors and airdrop holders. However, term members could liquidate their unvested holdings at any moment, which may explain why the ICP price dropped very hard very quickly. 

Considering how Dfinity remains mum on this topic, it seems the report is pretty accurate. Whether things will be different when Badlands launches as a new blockchain with a native token is another matter. Either option seems to indicate the short-term future doesn’t look too great for Internet Computer and ICP holders. When even team members don’t agree on important matters, things are bound to get interesting one way or another. 

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