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A Few Hours Remain To Buy DeChart’s DCH Token

The cryptocurrency industry is home to numerous innovative and exciting projects. DeChart is one of those ventures that provide essential historical trading data for traders and speculators to take advantage of. Its native DCH token sale is coming to a close, yet there is still time to get in on the action. 

The Appeal of DeChart

DeChart specializes in aggregating data from the various decentralized exchanges on the market. As these trading platforms continue to note an ongoing increase in liquidity and trading, they become of increasing interest to traders. While some platforms are more transparent about their overall trading platform, it can still be complicated to find the correct information. Having an aggregator provide that historical trading data will level the playing field for everyone. 

Users who seek trading resources can tap into DeChart’s information set in an organized and user-friendly setting. The main objective is to make everything as accessible as possible in a transparent manner. Having access to this data without having to check the exchanges or their APIs manually introduces an extra layer of confidence that many users can benefit from.  All of the information is accessible free of charge, without sacrificing security or privacy.

To enhance its offering, DeChart is currently enhancing its trading platform with extra trading tools. It is essential to bring institutional-grade trading tools to all traders and speculators globally. Building these trading tools will level the playing field and create a more competitive trading environment.

The DCH Token And Governance

Contrary to most other platforms on the market, DeChart maintains a DAO structure to give the community governance over the project. To participate in the governance, users need to hold the DCH token to vote on proposals and changes. Additionally, the token can also be used for staking purposes. The DeChart team will also buy back DCH from the open market by using 100% of the revenue generated by the platform.

Early adopters will reap the biggest rewards from the staking pool, as rewards decrease over six months. All staking rewards are issued via the internal Dechart Treasury – including all the DCH bought back from the open market – to provide optimal returns to all stakers. 

The ongoing token sale has 56,250,000 DCH tokens for sale, and will come to an end soon. Investors can pick up DCH at a price of $0.054 per token, which seems to be a fair price. The team will burn any unsold tokens at the end of the sale to ensure there is no higher circulating supply than necessary.

Interested users can acquire the DCH token from the Unicrypt platform for a few more hours. 

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