A Dive Into Golden Inu’s ERC20 Launch: Token Verified by Two Separate Auditors

Golden Inu Paperwork Being Verified By Two Auditors
Golden Inu Paperwork Being Verified By Two Auditors

As of today, July 5th, investors have only one week left to purchase their $GOLDEN tokens at a discount. This comes after the WalletConnect shutdown affected the ICO and millions of crypto traders, which created an extension of the initial deadline.

The Golden Inu Token, the most profitable memecoin of the month of June continues its work towards creating a decentralized space by using multi-blockchain technology as a way to create utility for the token.

However, as a new currency, investors have a common misconception that there could be a risk greater than market fluctuations when investing in Golden Inu. After all, ill-intended crypto projects are not unheard of — especially in the altcoin and memecoin market.

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With that said, with just a little bit of time and research into the token, investors will be able to find out that the project has been thoroughly audited by different companies, all with the same result.

Assure Defi, a company specializing in cryptocurrency security, awards Golden Inu with the highest-ranking security tier in its platform. In addition, the company also verified the project’s treasury, contract, and liquidity — all passing with flying colors.

As it is always a good idea to have a second opinion when talking about financial investments, Golden Inu was also audited by another security expert: Contract Wolf.

According to their findings, the memecoin received the highest security evaluation on the platform. Contract Wolf also confirmed multiple procedures that ensure the developers have no potential to perform a rug pull. These procedures include restrictions on minting after deployment, transaction fee caps, the inability of owners to block users, and the absence of the power to pause the contract once it has been deployed.

As it stands, Golden Inu’s audits put weight on the fact that the currency is a secure up-and-coming project that has the potential to reward its investors with over 1000% yields in this second semester.

Golden Inu Presale — Only 7 Days Left

With the notion that buying  $GOLDEN is safe, investors have only 7 days left for the opportunity of purchasing their tokens at a discount on the project’s ERC20-token presale.

The developers intend on using the ERC20 version of $GOLDEN as a way to make both the BNB Chain and the Ethereum Blockchain tokens coexist with each other. This notion will make it possible for a potential groundbreaking project that will make use of this dual-blockchain technology to use the $GOLDEN token as a bridge capable of allowing users to swap different tokens from multiple blockchains at a discount.

Estimations around the value of the token predict that the ERC20 $GOLDEN will see a surge of at least 25% upon its listing on Uniswap listing on July 12. 

After the listing increase, recent studies by Xangle suggest that secure and promising projects see on average a 208% growth after being listed on such a popular platform. Furthermore, when compared to the original launch on the BNB Chain, ERC20 Golden Inu has the potential to see growths of over 1000% in just a couple of weeks. Smart Money is moving to the presale in increasing numbers becasue of these projections and actual use cases for the $Golden token.

The clock is ticking for investors to seize the opportunity of acquiring $GOLDEN tokens at a discounted rate during the remaining week of the Golden Inu ERC20-token presale. Golden Inu has successfully passed thorough security audits conducted by reputable firms like Assure Defi and Contract Wolf, ensuring a secure investment experience.

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