A Crypto Token to Incentivize the Chinese Military is Being Discussed

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There are hundreds, if not thousands of use cases for cryptocurrencies. One option not being explored yet is to pay military personnel with them. In China, that situation may very well change in the years to come. 

China is very keen on exploring all use cases for blockchain technology. That will undoubtedly include potential military services and products.

A Crypto Token for the Military?

One option currently being discussed is to create a new token to reward well-performing military personnel for their efforts.

By giving them these cryptocurrency tokens, the government would also be able to determine the financial viability of blockchain technology on a large scale.

This new token would be performance-based, including training, task completion, and specialty skills. 

It could be awarded – or deducted – from one’s balance based on their daily activities. 

Cryptocurrencies certainly lend themselves to incentivization and gamification, up to a certain level.

How well that would translate to military performances, is a different matter altogether. 

Although the concept has been proposed, it will not necessarily be implemented in the near future, if ever.

China’s push for blockchain technology will focus on many different industries, but this may not be one of the top options to explore at this time. 

President Xi Jinping is quite smitten by what blockchain can bring to the table. That will undoubtedly lead to some interesting use cases ,services, and products. 

There is also an option to store military information on the blockchain. Due to its immutable nature, it could prove to be more reliable compared to systems currently used. 

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