A Crypto Roundup: ImmutableX (IMX)’s zkEVM Enters Testing, Bitcoin (BTC)’s Volatility Record Low, and Everlodge (ELDG)’s Meteoric Rise Forecast


In this article, we’ll explore three of the top crypto stories from the past week, including ImmutableX (IMX) entering the testing phase of its zkEVM protocol, Bitcoin (BTC)’s volatility reaching a record low, and Everlodge (ELDG)’s meteoric rise forecast during the presale phase. Let’s get stuck in!

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Everlodge (ELDG)’s Meteoric Rise Forecast

Everlodge is redefining the future of real estate by intertwining fractional property ownership, timeshares, and the advanced capabilities of NFTs through blockchain. As an avant-garde in the industry, its approach provides a fresh perspective on property investment.

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Here’s how it unfolds: Prime real estate properties, spanning from opulent villas to luxury hotels, are digitized into NFTs. This digital transformation ensures that all vital elements such as ownership, deeds, and titles are securely stored in the metadata.

Once digitized, these NFTs are partitioned, giving investors a golden opportunity to own a piece of premium property. As the tangible property’s worth increases, so does the value of the corresponding NFT fractions.

Everlodge is not just about ownership; it’s an integrated ecosystem. One of its standout features is the Rewards Club. Members of this club not only get the privilege of complimentary stays but can also monetize these privileges by reselling their allotted nights.

The ELDG token is the linchpin of the Everlodge platform, enabling seamless transactions and offering its holders a myriad of benefits. These include preferential rates on property purchases, the potential for passive income through staking, and a slew of loyalty advantages.

Presently, there’s a golden window for investors with the ELDG token priced at a mere $0.010 during the initial presale. As phases progress, this price is set to escalate. With industry experts forecasting a staggering 280% price surge during the presale and a potential 30-fold spike post-launch, the early adopters stand to gain immensely.

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Bitcoin (BTC)’s Volatility Record Low

Bitcoin’s recent behavior has surprised many, exhibiting a calm that’s historically rare for the cryptocurrency. In August, its Bollinger Bands compressed to a slim 2.9% gap, indicating a period of unusually low volatility.

Remarkably, Bitcoin, which is often compared to a wild roller coaster, has been oscillating between $29,050 and $31,800 over a month. This uncharacteristic steadiness is reflected in a 17% 30-day annualized volatility rate.

Thursday 17th Aug saw Bitcoin’s price take a dramatic 7% dive overnight. While some see the current $26,500 price as a shopping opportunity, others are more cautious. Swing traders note that Bitcoin was previously moving within the tightest Bollinger Bands of all time, so a breakout should not be faded.

This drop in volatility and subsequent move lower shows how cautious the Bitcoin market is at the moment. All eyes are on the upcoming ETF decision, which could cause a substantial move one way or the other.

ImmutableX’s zkEVM Protocol Enters Testing Phase

The team behind the ImmutableX protocol, a next-generation blockchain platform designed to bring scalability while maintaining security and privacy, announced that their flagship product – the zkEVM protocol – has entered its testing phase.

ImmutableX’s introduction of zkEVM promises a more cost-effective and secure development environment for game creators, while also allowing them to tap into the widespread Ethereum network’s benefits.

This groundbreaking innovation has caught the eye of the gaming industry, with over 20 companies, including major players like GameStop, TokenTrove, Kongregate, and iLogos, rallying behind ImmutableX’s launch.

Amid the intensifying competition in the DeFi sector, ImmutableX’s token price has been on a rollercoaster. After starting the year on a strong note, skyrocketing from $0.38 to $1.57 in a mere quarter, the price has since corrected. As of now, ImmutableX is trading at $0.59, reflecting a significant 17% decline over the past week.

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