A Beginner’s Guide to Shifting to a Crypto Career

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The Blockchain industry is on the rise, opening up exciting new career and job opportunities in the crypto world. There has been a significant increase in job openings due to the boom in crypto trading gains. 

Many of you may not know that the rising interest is due to the flexibility option as crypto trading can be done online or offline with the help of various instruments. This brings us to the main point of this article—what are the specific skill requirements to get a job in the crypto industry? 

To identify this, you need to prepare yourself for your preferred method of trading. Especially, educating yourself about Blockchain technology can provide adequate knowledge to become a good candidate for the job. Let’s help you to put your foot in the door early to help kickstart your crypto career. 

Determining your Blockchain Career Shift

Right now there’s an overflow of information out there regarding the blockchain industry. It can be overwhelming to manifest all the information to choose a career in the emerging world of crypto. In this article, we will narrow down everything you need to know to combine your career and passion in crypto.


Dedication and persistence are essential traits not only in this field but for any entrepreneur. Cryptocurrency is already conquering the global industry and is growing rapidly. Everyone has access to information, thanks to the Internet, so you must take advantage of it and read up to get ahead of the game. 

Blockchain technology is anticipated to become the next big thing, so gear up and commit yourself to gather all the information required to move forward. You know what they say right? The key to success is not hard work but dedication and persistence. 

Passion Is Not Enough

Yes, you can be passionate about many things when you are taking interest in them for pleasure. But turning them into a career changes the whole game. Are you ready to commit yourself fully to the crypto world for a living? Don’t just say yes, think about it as an everyday performance-based job where you need knowledge and ability to build a successful career. 

There is a huge demand for web3 jobs at the moment, and this could be another reason for people wanting to shift careers. Web3 refers to a decentralized online Blockchain system. But it is not as simple as it looks. If you are looking for a stable job in this industry, you have to ensure you are committed to education, learning, self-discipline, and practice. 

Finding Your Niche

There is a misconception that job opportunities are only available for developers in this industry. You are welcome to explore different avenues like marketing, programming, sales, trading—just like any other industry. Most businesses in the crypto space have a standard infrastructure that requires different positions. 

The only way to step in is to have enough conceptual knowledge and relevant expertise if you are looking for a specific rolefor example, marketing. 

An employer looking to hire someone for a marketing position will expect the candidate to understand digital marketing platforms. Pairing that knowledge with basic Blockchain knowledge will get better preference in comparison to other applicants.  

Crypto Job Market Trends

Recently, there was a story about a Web2 escapist who went viral. He expressed how he left his tech startup job to start a career in Web3. The reasons behind his career shift were as follows:

  1. You are free to sell your skills directly through Web3 due to low transaction costs, allowing you to have your very own micro-economy.
  2. Another common reason is that there are no end products for crypto startups. There are no external intermediaries, making it easier for people to define, document, and make transactions. Simply put, fewer steps and more freedom. 
  3. Better salaries. The median salaries in the US were reported to be 10 percent higher for technical and non-technical jobs in the Blockchain industry. 
  4. Flexible and remote-friendly jobs are stealing the show. Of all jobs in this industry, 37 percent were remote. This data was reported before COVID-19, so figures are expected to change drastically post-pandemic. 

Identify Trading Trends

To be able to do well in the crypto space, you must be open to learning. You have to keep up with the latest information, understand trends, patterns in trading, analyze charts, etc. 

It takes practice to be able to do it with ease. The good news is there are plenty of resources available online to help you gather your knowledge. The starting point for a beginner is to learn terminologies and the basic concept of crypto trading. 

Before deciding to choose a career in crypto, you have to determine what’s in it for you. Yes, there are advantages like profit from market volatility, opportunities for fast profits, and capitalizing on market trends. The disadvantages also remain in terms of losses from volatile markets, scams from exchanges leading to bankruptcy, and risks from fraudulent activities. 

Learning Basics

It’s okay to feel confused about where to start. However, there are many courses available online that cover the basic concepts of crypto, Blockchain, etc. You’ll be able to get a better overview of the evolving industry, how it works, the technology and the crypto economy. 

You may even try out a hands-on experience with exchanges to gain more perspective about the crypto world. If you commit yourself to build a solid foundation by learning from credible sources, you’ll be able to explore your options much better. 

List of Crypto Jobs

The only way to land a job in crypto is to keep learning, keep trying, and keep applying. There are unlimited job opportunities in the crypto industry at the moment, and it is growing as you are reading this. 

New vacancies are popping up every day due to the new crypto start-ups as well as the global crypto companies. Some entry-level opportunities, also known as Web3 jobs, are as follows. 

Entry Level Jobs

  • Developers
  • Analysts
  • Marketers
  • Content writers
  • Community managers
  • Product managers
  • Business development managers

How to Find Cryptocurrency Jobs

Just start by searching for Web3 jobs. You will come across multiple platforms with crypto job advertisements. This is probably the easiest way to navigate your way to the crypto job market. We also highly recommend looking into the list of countries that are high in demand for cryptocurrencies. Other effective ways have proven to be very helpful for many people. 


Open an account on Twitter and Linkedin, if you don’t have one already because both are pretty much home to crypto. Create a track record by posting tweets about Blockchain and crypto trading to demonstrate your interest and knowledge. 

This will open up new opportunities for you by reaching out to projects on Twitter. You can even connect with people or startups looking for crypto volunteers. This can be your stepping stone. Being present on cryptocurrency platforms is a great way to initiate conversations that can eventually lead to a strong network. Hang in there. 

Finally, Test the Water

The only way to properly understand how the entire industry works is by actually using it. You will instantly have questions that will lead you to educate yourself further. 

It’s common to make mistakes while you’re learning, just make sure you are taking notes and not repeating them. Start by reading the theories first and then get down to practice. Otherwise, you are not doing justice to the knowledge you have gathered.

It is extremely challenging to narrow down or shortlist what you are trying to achieve from your interest in the industry. Having said that, with continuous learning, you will gain more perspective, which will help you to derive a clear plan. Now combine it with persistence and you will surely land a job in no time.

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