A Beginner’s Guide to Crypto Betting: What You Need to Know


Betting on sports with crypto is straightforward now. There are more betting websites to pick from, and more of them now accept deposits and withdrawals in crypto with no extra charges.

Based on the latest figures, it is estimated that 60 percent of the transactions performed using Bitcoin in the planet are transactions that are related to cryptocurrency betting sites. There is no way to confirm the figure, but it could be very high as people in countries that have banned gambling are finding a way to fund their bets under the cover of crypto betting or something else.

Benefits of using a crypto betting site

Why use crypto betting websites rather than a traditional online sportsbook? Betting with crypto has many important benefits.

Quick withdrawals

One of the biggest benefits to betting with crypto is that payments are very quick. Not only deposit accessible instantly to bet with, but at the best bitcoin sports betting websites winnings can be paid out in minutes. At a traditional sportsbook, it generally takes hours or even days to complete withdrawals, check crypto-betting.org for most populars crypto betting reviews.

Bigger bonuses

The best crypto betting websites provide larger welcome bonuses and reload bonuses than traditional betting websites. That is the best thing for bettors, who can use that bonus money to win big.

Decentralized payments

The decentralized nature of cryptocurrency payments is the best thing for bettors. Thanks to blockchains, there is an unchallengeable record for every payment. The result is that it is impossible for crypto to simply be “lost” during the payment process. If a bettor makes a withdrawal or deposit with crypto, it is guaranteed to make it to their crypto wallet or betting account.

Betting features

One thing that you have to look for is a betting website that accepts crypto. Anyway, it goes beyond accepting crypto. There are lots of other things you have to look at on crypto betting websites. For starters, you have to check the sports coverage and it should add famous and less famous options. Another thing you should check out is if the website has live streaming and in-play features. Ideally, a great betting website should be simple to use, have comprehensive sports coverage, a live streaming feature and an in-play section.

Is it legal to place sports bets with crypto?

That depends on where you live. There are many parts of the globe where cryptocurrency is banned, but luckily these places are only few.

Generally speaking, if sports betting, casino gaming or esports betting, or any combination of these activities in your country, and crypto is also fully legal then you should be capable of placing sports and esports bets and play casino games with crypto.

What coins can I use for crypto betting online?

Each website may provide a pretty different section of cryptocurrency accessible on the website, some even have their own coins which you can buy and use.

Anyway, arguably the most generally used coins are Ethereum and Bitcoin, with Bitcoin Cash also famous on the best crypto betting websites, but with many new coins in circulations, the likelihood is as more coins become more famous, then a crypto casino, crypto betting sports and crypto esports betting websites will begin to provide a wider choice.

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