9-Million Charge Cards’ Info Leaked On Top Carding Forum

Recently, a massive data leak resulted in millions of credit card information being released on the dark web. 

Over one million customers had their data leaked online, including details including card details, full name, address, and email.

The leak was discovered on October 12, by CloudSEK – a company that specializes in discovering potential cyber threats online. 

CloudSEK first found the leak after analyzing an advertisement on BidenCash, a dark web website where users can trade and sell stolen credit cards.

The organization originally identified 1.2 million free cards on the Russian-language Dark Web carding forum. Shortly after, another issue involving 7.9 million credit card data was publicized on BidenCash.

The United States, India, and Brazil were the top three nations affected by the original 1.2 million cards breach, with 676,899, 158,626, and 60,890 cards leaked, respectively.

Visa and Mastercard make up two-thirds of the affected cards’ payment processes, with 990,109 leaked cards combined 

American Express was ultimately the most affected credit card institution with over 150,000 leaks. Other major companies like Bank of America, Wells Fargo, and Fiserv Solutions rank amongst the most affected by the leak.

What Are Carding Forums?

Carding forums are underground platforms where users can share, buy and sell credit card information. For anonymity reasons, the vast majority of carding forums are present on the deep and dark web.

These websites are perfect for people looking to buy dumps (a fraudster term used to describe the raw data on a credit card’s magnetic strip), and PINs (Personal Identification Numbers).

Due to the nature of its existence, it’s not hard to come across illegal activities on this type of forum. The information shared, as well as the ability to buy and sell illegal information constitutes credit card Fraud in America, which can lead to up to fifteen years in jail, along with a hefty $25,000 fine, depending on the severity of the crime.

About 70% of all fraud losses come from leaked credit card information.  This means that “Carding” can be a dangerous, but very lucrative business.

Many people who own a charge card are not familiar with such underworld niches.  And nonetheless  there are places on-line where such info is bought and sold daily. 

Top 5 Carding Forums 

A carding forum is the most suitable online location for users looking to obtain knowledge and debate techniques about carding. 

These forums will contain a lot of useful knowledge and some of the world’s greatest carding experts share their knowledge on these forbidden internet forums.

1 –

Crdforum. cc is one of the most visited carding forums on the web today. The website has thousands of users, and several threads that go from traditional credit card fraud techniques to even tutorials about ethical hacking and regular money-making “side hustles.

This website even contains a special section named “Fraud Education”, in which members share expertise about carding methods, and even schedule classes about the illegal carding activity.

2 –

Mostly in Russian, this forum also has a lot of users looking to cash in carding techniques and scams. has several threads providing security services, sales of “dumps” of personal details, discussions about cashout services, security services, and of course, Credit Card information sales.

3 –

This website presents more than just a regular forum for people looking to learn more about carding. In fact, has its own news page.

On the website’s homepage, visitors can find everything news-related to recent attacks, safety failures, phishing scams, and leaks worldwide.

Its forum is secluded for registered members only.

4 –

Perhaps the largest carding platform on the web today, Ascarding counts with thousands of daily users to present one of the top carding forums in the world.

Ascarding has several threads and topics related to this subject, including physical and virtual carding tutorials, sales of confidential information, hacking tools, cryptocurrencies, and even a dedicated “carding class” for the uninitiated.

5 –

With over 80 thousand members, is one of the most traditional forums in this genre.

On the website, users can access a wide variety of useful carding information, including guides and tips. In addition, Leetforums has dedicated topics for creating Fake IDs and passports, sales of database dumps, and sharing carding tools software to help scammers in their attacks.

Leetforums also contains side content for leaked passwords for streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime – and also adult websites content, including leaked Onlyfans model’s content.

Scammers Scamming Scammers

And what’s even more intricate. There are even forums known for ‘scamming the scammers.’   

How’s this possible?  This title could be given for a variety of reasons.

Some forums are more known for being places where federal investigators hangout to bust criminals. Other sites are simply home to elite level computer hackers and fraudsters, wanting to trick a scammer into sending money.  Once they have the funds, they simply disappear with the funds and leave the scammer with nothing.,,,, and have all been given bad reviews on-lne.  

As for the leak of 9-million accounts’ information discovered by  CloudSEK , this will not be the last.   Unfortunately such Credit Card information hacks take place every month, with billions of users affected to date.  

Such news helps push forward the idea of decentralizing finance.  As credit card companies are a hub of the world’s private financial information, people taking control of their monetary records through digital currency wallets, would eliminate the storing of private information through only a few major sources.

Follow sites like Krebs On Security  for the latest in cyber security.

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