7 Ways to Make Money in Crypto

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Cryptocurrencies have revolutionized the world of finances even though they seem like any other tech trend at first. There are many ways to make a profit within the world of cryptocurrencies and if you plan to expand your portfolio you should be aware of these.

As is the case with any other investment, it’s best to diversify your income streams and have a hand in a few different business ventures related to crypto. That way you can minimize the risks and quickly scale your profits when there’s a chance to do so.


One of the most common ways of earning from cryptocurrencies is to invest in them as you would in any other business. It’s a long-term way of looking at the market and it’s what you should do if you’re not into risk and quick ventures.

When investing in cryptocurrencies you should look for assets that will yield the most profit in the long run. This often means going with safer and already established cryptocurrencies. There’s less risk involved with these, but there’s also a chance that they remain an important financial asset for the years to come.


Mining is another important way of earning from cryptocurrencies. At first, it requires the investors to provide the equipment needed for crypto mining and to be able to maintain it as well. This was too steep a threshold for many small investors and that’s why cloud mining became an alternative.

Sites such as Truely.com compare and contrast different cloud mining contracts allowing the investors to choose the one that suits them. A portion of your profits will go towards renting the equipment but this also means there isn’t a high initial investment that you would otherwise have to make.

Trading in Cryptocurrencies

Trading is in a way an opposite transaction to investing. Investing deals with the long-term yields you could get from a cryptocurrency, while trading allows you to make profits quickly and based on the current state of the market. It’s somewhat similar to trading in foreign currencies.

The key to making a profit by trading is to learn about the market and find the perfect time to sell a currency that’s on the rise. Market analysts can also be hired but keep in mind that will bite into your profits.


Lending cryptocurrency is becoming an increasingly important market now when trading and paying in crypto has become almost commonplace. It’s also an easy transaction to understand since it works in the same way it would with lending traditional currencies. You lend money to be paid back over time and you earn interest in the process.

As is the case with lending with traditional currencies you need to be aware of the initial investment that’s required to get in on this industry. You need to have cryptocurrency in order to be able to lend it to others, which means this line of work isn’t available to everyone.

Crypto Social Media

Social media that runs on blockchain is becoming an increasingly important part of the industry. It’s an innovative way to earn and it raises awareness of cryptocurrency and its uses. Earning on these platforms is similar to earning on social media in general – you do it by making content.

The coins are awarded to creators and curators based on the engagement they make and they can be used just like any other crypto coin. There are many such platforms available already and many news are being formed every day. The key is for your content to provide value to those who interact with it.

Free Tokens

There are many ways to get free tokens that you can use as any other crypto coin. These are usually provided to raise awareness of the currency and the industry in general. The users need to be aware that they can take advantage of such coins and apply for them whenever it’s possible to do so.

It’s an especially popular way to promote crypto casinos. Many new casinos are operating with cryptocurrencies only or have special services available only to users paying with crypto. These establishments offer free tokens when you sign in.


One of the main attractions of using cryptocurrency as an investment is the fact that it’s a new technology. Therefore, it’s not regulated by the proper tax and law authorities. It’s still a bit of a gray area, but the governments are catching up to the markets.

This means that you’ll soon need to start paying taxes and properly reporting your income that comes from crypto investing. Since some countries are starting to use cryptocurrency as legal tender, chances are that this will soon become the norm. It can take a bit of your profit but it also provides security that comes with a defined legal landscape. 

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